i'm not the type of person who seeks for signs to prove myself something. i actually think depending your destiny on signs is crazy because they don't justify scientifically whether something is true or will likely happen. just because you saw a male hippo driving a pink car today doesn't mean your crush likes you back. hello???

i'm not saying signs aren't true though. no one can really tell. like who knows? it's all about trust anyway~ and a friend once told me that the concept of trust doesn't need or have any scientific explanation... maybe that's why i've trust issues. i don't easily believe in anything i hear or read unless the physical proof i wanted gets slapped right in my face. (omg not literally, okay?!)

well. my main point here is just.. no matter how big or little the odds are, you'd still just believe in what you want, and not because you got the shitty sign you've been waiting for.

conversely, sometimes the absence of signs is already a sign.