my closest friends can tell how much i love money. haha, yes! money makes me happy! :D i love the idea of earning money and spending it to get the things i want or get things for the people i care for. i know money isn't everything but with it, you can secure yourself and your family with basic necessities. with money, you can travel and see the world. with money, you can buy or do things to make you and your loved ones happy at the very least~ it's not about the material thing that you get for them. it's the thought of you sharing to them what you have earned, the primary fact that you remembered them.

doesn't that feel like an achievement? when you get to afford things with your own money that you worked for instead of spending the money your parents gave you? now think about it, you've been a burden to your parents for how long? two decades? you gotta start moving your butt. you can't depend on them for the rest of your life. start doing something productive like not being a burden to them. hahahahaha hashtag note to self

PS. sana next year makapag move out na ko