wow, pointing one mistake after another? parang lahat na lang ng gawin ko mali, may nagagawa pa kong tama sa paningin mo? kung meron man, not enough. you're perfect at making me feel bad. hello? i'm still your girlfriend? i want you but i don't wanna chase after you all the time. we're thousands of miles away from each other so we're supposed to put extra effort for this freaking relationship. lucky you, you have your friends, family and everything there. while i'm here, i only have you to cheer me up. and now you'll leave me without saying a decent goodbye. you know this is something i hate the most. leaving things hanging and unsettled. ayoko ng putanginang iniiwan yung problema. pero okay. you asked for this. i've given up my pride for you long time ago. i chose you over my self-worth because you're more important to me than anything in this world. i tried to make you happy by doing the least ways i can do. if you're no longer pleased then i'm done. and this time it's for real.