dear lourd de veyra,

ok so i see your hate tweets about one direction, they are all over my twitter timeline. and i was like, why?! i am not whiteknighting one direction but i am so confused with you ; n ;

are you having fun by getting so much hate from the fans? are you a part of some-kind-of-no-to-marijuana movement? do you want the haters-make-me-famous-kind-of attention? are you doing it on purpose to make the fans who bashed you even angrier? but you were the one who started it, yea? internet fandoms are sensitive. you should have been more careful of what you post.

to be honest, you are a pretty cool guy. you are one of the best journalists in the philippines nowadays. you are witty and all that. but most of the time (if not always) you are annoying because you give too much shit about everything. you are too opinionated. you whine at the most pointless stuff as if you are a teenage drama queen. you are wasting your intelligence on irrelevant things. and now, having a twitter war with some fandom, like seriously?

i just do not understand you. a popular icon smoking blunt is not a new story. you probably even know the beatles had their phase where they were so into marijuana before. and so what? to me, it seems like you are just picking on one direction so much (based on your articles and segments that i've seen) come on, you are a well-respected broadcast personality, give these band dudes a break.
if you do not wanna lose your credibility, you better stick to appropriate activism.

ps, you somewhat deserve the hate since you asked for it.

pps, don't you dare deny that you had / have never smoked weed! if you wanna come out, be sure you come out clean.

peace out, jiashi