why do i always end up messing everything up whenever i seek attention. i'm so bad at it. you know, it's not really my thing.. to make tampo over things. i am not like other girls who would look so cute when they make tampo that their guys couldn't resist. hahaha wow. i sounded so conyo there like ermegerd?! ano bang english term for tampo?

anyways~ i am also wondering what is so wrong with me that my body tends to make mistakes before i even know it? like whyyyyy? i wanna know how i manage to cause trouble to the people around me without even trying. i have too much drama for him to handle. i can't imagine him hate me even more. why can't i just die. just kidding! hahaha or maybe not.

this is one of the moments that i wanted to just disappear. the only person who loves me despite being so hateful is now mad at me more than ever. huhubells! i'm so bad at everything. i'm only good at one thing. and that's hating myself. yup. i'm sick and tired of being me. i wish a dalek comes up to me now and just do its thing to me. ex-ter-mi-nate! ex-ter-mi-nate! :D (excuse me for having too much doctor who) btw, is it just me or the daleks are adorable?! my friend told me i'm crazy enough to think that daleks are cute. how dare she!

i'm sorry, my poor little blog, for abusing you with my negativity. oh yea right, you've been doing it for me for a couple of years now so thank you. and forgive me tonight for having so much self hate in this post. i hate myself either for hating myself so much. hateception?