this is so far the most accurate personality test i've ever taken online. haha medyo maraming questionnaires pero nakakatuwa yung results :D pwede mo siya itry dito hihihi! - http://talentoday.com 

sumakto yung patience ko ang taas at tsaka yung independent mind hahaha because i'm always in favor of my own instincts and i don't get influenced by other people's opinion ;) determined din ako kapag iniisip ko yung motivations ko huehuehue

tapos yung taking responsibility ko naman at leading bagsak hahahaha well, i'm basically lazy and i don't usually like leading a group. i'm a freelance worker. and oh, i also failed at being responsive. palagi akong lutang hahaha lalo na kung andyan boyfriend ko :( sobrang dependent ko sa kanya huhubells i always let him lead. i'm such a submissive bitch. *smirks*

tama din yung di ako masyadong open sa ibang tao. tulad ng laging sinasabi ni wearvin sakin, secretive daw ako. coming from him being the person who knows me best hahaha :( pero nagtataka lang ako dun sa self confidence medyo mataas pa yung score ko e sobrang wala nga kong tiwala sa sarili hahahaha :(

anyways eto naman sa motivations, wala na kong ieexplain pa. the picture says it all. sobrang obvious nangingibabaw yung PAY! hahahahhaha oo na, mukha talaga akong pera at wala kong ibang iniisip kundi kumita. hays. okay.jpg :(
last night i had the best sleep. he left the gtalk voice call on as i sleep and sang random songs on his playlist, just like how we used to do back when i was still in the philippines. the call lasted for 10 hours. his voice was the last thing i heard before i fell asleep. and when i woke up this morning, he was still there. his voice was also the first thing i heard. oh i love the feeling. he probably has no idea how much it matters to me but it was seriously one of the sweetest things that he's ever done for this long distance relationship. i just love him no less.
mitchiri-neko march is my happy pill :3 i cannot not cheer up when i watch this. so yeah, i listen to it on a daily basis. i even bought it from itunes. yup. i'm just so obsessed with these cutie cats.

not sure if i need some positivity in my life because i can't think properly when i'm depressed / stressed. i'm starting to have more issues than natgeo. ugh or maybe i just need a psychiatrist? hahah


strange yet funny how i got more views than the usual after my last dramatic post. most people probably like seeing the others whose life are more fucked up than theirs. haha welcome to my hood, bitches.

ang lakas makafacebook ng twitter ngayon hahaha :D pero pwede na din!
why do i always end up messing everything up whenever i seek attention. i'm so bad at it. you know, it's not really my thing.. to make tampo over things. i am not like other girls who would look so cute when they make tampo that their guys couldn't resist. hahaha wow. i sounded so conyo there like ermegerd?! ano bang english term for tampo?

anyways~ i am also wondering what is so wrong with me that my body tends to make mistakes before i even know it? like whyyyyy? i wanna know how i manage to cause trouble to the people around me without even trying. i have too much drama for him to handle. i can't imagine him hate me even more. why can't i just die. just kidding! hahaha or maybe not.

this is one of the moments that i wanted to just disappear. the only person who loves me despite being so hateful is now mad at me more than ever. huhubells! i'm so bad at everything. i'm only good at one thing. and that's hating myself. yup. i'm sick and tired of being me. i wish a dalek comes up to me now and just do its thing to me. ex-ter-mi-nate! ex-ter-mi-nate! :D (excuse me for having too much doctor who) btw, is it just me or the daleks are adorable?! my friend told me i'm crazy enough to think that daleks are cute. how dare she!

i'm sorry, my poor little blog, for abusing you with my negativity. oh yea right, you've been doing it for me for a couple of years now so thank you. and forgive me tonight for having so much self hate in this post. i hate myself either for hating myself so much. hateception?



just don't.

Bwisit hahahahaha

Pero love ko :3
one of the perks of working in the BPO industry is you'll learn how to be an irate customer when you don't get the right services or products that you expected or subscribed for, and also how to be a courteous client when you have been treated pretty damn well :D


"what would you do
if you woke up one day
to find that i


I wish i had something interesting to share so i wouldn't be so boring to talk to :(


"..opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes, dreams... that is being naked."
I'm not a sensitive type of person but i can't stand profanity being thrown at me just because somebody got mad. Sorry, it doesn't work that way for me. Nothing can make me cuss so hard at someone i really care about, not even anger.


lately, i've noticed my boyfriend is being extra sweet~ i mean, he's always been sweet to me. pero lately talaga sobra sobra!! :D hindi ko masabi kapag may binabalak syang gawin o ano. sobrang unpredictable kasi nun hahaha ever since palagi akong sinusurprise :3 and he doesn't show any clue (o ignorante lang talaga ko?) magugulat na lang ako pinagplanuhan niya palang isurprise ako hahaha kaya kahit more than two years na kaming naglalandian (kasama yung months na hindi pa kami hahahaha) e kinikilig pa din ako sa kanya haha ♥ 

minsan bigla na lang magbibigay ng epic / rare items sa online game namin, tapos malalaman ko ginastusan niya pala ng php yun -_- gusto ko magalit kasi ayokong gumagastos siya ng malaking halaga para sa online game pero naaappreciate ko na willing pa din siya gumastos para sakin despite the distance. tapos madalas sinasabayan niya yung oras ko dito. gising siya magdamag, matutulog siya ng umaga, tapos gigising ng hapon-gabi. para lang sabay kami makapaglaro at makapagusap online :D o kaya minsan bigla na lang babanat ng pick up line out of nowhere o kaya magsesend ng selfie nya sa kabila ng lahat ng hassle na pinagdadaanan ng iphone nya hahaha alam ko mga simpleng bagay lang yun. but every little thing matters so much when you are more than 8000 miles away apart :)

pakiramdam ko tuloy nasa pilipinas lang din ako tapos hindi lang kami makapagkita kasi walang pera pangdate hahahahaha ang saya lang :D at least may isang tao na alam kong secured ako! :D hahah yung ibang couple magkasama nga pero wala namang ginawa kundi magaway tapos nageend up lang sa hiwalayan. tsk tsk

basta ngayon masaya ko palagi :D i may not post about it a lot because i'm not good with words when i'm too happy~ pero mas ok nang ganito tahimik kami :D ok lang kahit iniisip ng ibang tao wala na kami. haha wala naman talaga silang alam at all. noobs


it annoys the hell out of me when someone i know is in trouble and he keeps on saying "oh i should have done this.. should have done that.. blah blah" ffs why not just move forward, pull your shit together and do something to straighten up your mistakes instead of whining like a five year old kid?

"never hold regrets" is probably the best thing i've learned about life~ no matter how bad your decision was.. or how fucked up your life gets.. just accept and get over it. you will always learn the best lessons the hard way. and eventually, you'll tell yourself "wow, how was i even able to get through that?" true story, yeah.