"If you leave, I'll probably be sad. However, if there's somewhere else you'd rather be, you should admit it. Don't lose sight of what you really want."

Ngayon lang ulit ako nahook sa anime! Anime na hindi ko alam yung title hahaha! But after watching a few episodes, it made me realize that i really miss wearvin even more than ever! :c it's supposed to be a romantic comedy school life anime pero literal na umiiyak ako sa scenes kapag malungkot, masaya o kaya nakakakilig :c kyaaaahh i wanna be with my kareshi desu so freaking bad huhuhu this distance is killing meeeee~ o(╥﹏╥)o

But anyhooooo i love the rooster! Haha :3 another pet added to my list of animals to keep someday~ mehehehe