Overthinking kills my emotions. I was the one who chose to think about these stuff that doesn't really exist (or maybe not yet) and now everything i do is affected. I want to just disappear. :(


Thank you, nigahiga.

"If you leave, I'll probably be sad. However, if there's somewhere else you'd rather be, you should admit it. Don't lose sight of what you really want."

Ngayon lang ulit ako nahook sa anime! Anime na hindi ko alam yung title hahaha! But after watching a few episodes, it made me realize that i really miss wearvin even more than ever! :c it's supposed to be a romantic comedy school life anime pero literal na umiiyak ako sa scenes kapag malungkot, masaya o kaya nakakakilig :c kyaaaahh i wanna be with my kareshi desu so freaking bad huhuhu this distance is killing meeeee~ o(╥﹏╥)o

But anyhooooo i love the rooster! Haha :3 another pet added to my list of animals to keep someday~ mehehehe


The people that surrounds you, the people that gets to see you whenever they want, the people that you have fun with, the people that you talk about, the people that you're proud to be with, the people that came into your life before me. They're just all so lucky :')


Imagine being stuck in a town where you don't have any friends at all, you have no one to talk to about what you really feel, and you can't express yourself the way you want. After spending 20 years of your life in a country you call home, which carved you to become a functional human being, where you learned almost everything you know about life, and where you met the people you want to be with, then all of a sudden you will be asked to move to a very far place, far away from everything you love. Right now, i'm more than 8000 miles away from my friends and my boyfriend and 14-16 hours behind their time. Could this get any worse?

I feel jealous of the kids my age from my hometown studying the field they chose, finishing their degrees, having all the time and chance to hang out with their friends, spending almost everyday together with their lover, getting the job they want, going to places i've been before, deciding on their own how they want to live their lives. Why do they get to experience all those things and why don't i? 

Time drastically changes everything and it hurts to think that the place you want to be, is moving forward without you. And then a fear will start to grow within you, the fear of the moment when you finally come back to that place, everything you used to love is gone. 


why, hello there, my 6-year old blog! :D (actually 8 years old ka na dapat, kung kasama lang sana yung posts ko from my friendster blog at yung iba pang mga blog entries na dinelete ko na dahil nakakababa sila ng moral kapag binabackread hahah) oh well, you're probably wondering why am i here right now. i honestly don't know the reason either hahaha but don't you worry, my dear bloggie, i'm not in a suicidal state of mind (not right now) hahahaha

okay so.. first off, i wanna give a few updates about my life since the last time that i posted something here. within those 3 months, a lot of things have already happened. i've been to new places, i've got to experience new things, i've met new people. and now i'll give a quick look about some of those things~

two of the things i had to let go before i left the philippines. my laptop and my cat :c

he made sure that i'll never forget my last days in the philippines. and he did it just right. every single day we're together was amazing. those were the times i wish that didn't end.

i got a rad christmas gift from my boyfriend's parents! :D thanks mamu and papu! (hahaha just let me be!!) i just love the payales family so much that i wanna be one too ♥ (omg hahahahahaha sorry, not sorry!)

and then the doomsday came. hahahaha jk. december 27, 2013 was the day i left manila. wearvin accompanied me to the airport. i was crying legit tears the whole time. saddest day of my life.

my first new year's eve celebration outside the philippines. no valid argument when i say "it's more fun in the philippines"

i've seen a lot of pretty top hill views of los angeles city lights! yup, city lights are my thing ♥ they're so gorgeous i can't even

city of sins, baby!

got the chance to have a photo with this cool ironman along the hollywood bouleveard :D

universal studios! the first theme park i've visited in the states :D

then i traveled by plane alone to arkansas where my sister lives. it snows here, yes. and i was dumbfounded when i saw real snowflakes for the first time. i didn't know snow droplets actually come in a snowflake shape. gaya nga ng sabi ni dairo "such a stupid!" hahahahaha

my boyfriend showed me a photo of our baby, she's growing so fast!! :D i miss them both so much!

one less item on my bucket list, lie in the snow and make a snow angel :D

and of course, build a snowman! haha hindi pala siya madali in real life hahahahaha

- - - 

yan na lang muna :D namiss ko lang talaga maging active blogger. nakakamiss din magtype ng random shit dito haha my blog has always been my mind's toilet hahaha tatry ko na ulit magupdate palagi promise! hihihi (ilang beses ko na bang sinabi yan pero nahihinto pa rin ako sa pagbloblog? hahahaha)