pinaka ayaw ko talaga yung mayayabang -____- yung mga feeling know-it-all, conceited, self-proclaiming, too proud of himself / herself, overconfident at walang bahid ng pagiging humble! leche

it's a good thing if you're smart, kind, beautiful or rich. but do you really need to brag about it? NOPE. unless you admit that you are stupid, then you're good to go. hahaha jk. but to be honest, a person who talks too much about his / her own achievements isn't really amusing at all. may quote nga na "an empty can makes the most noise" yup. so you diba? haha

okay lang naman yung mga biruang bullying with friends. murahin mo lang siya solve na yung inis mo hahaha pero yung pagyayabang na wala sa lugar? talking too much nonsense about yourself only makes you look lamer than the loser of the year from the worst school ever. oh boy please get over yourself now.