80% ng mga nagmamarijuana ay pacool! para lang magfit in sa barkada.. "uso kasi e" kaya gagawin na rin. feeling nila maangas sila kapag nagweweeds! tangina nyo lang

10% ang totoong gumagamit nito hindi dahil uso or cool pero kailangan ng katawan nila

7% mga nagrerebelde sa pamilya o kaya may matinding pinagdadaanan

3% ang namamatay dahil sa maling paggamit nito hahaha

curiousity kills. yup.

- - -

may mga kakilala ako na nagsasabi sakin "nagmamarijuana na ko ngayon e" ULOL! kailangan talaga sabihin sa lahat na nagjujuts ka? ang sarap mo lang batukan! e kung isumbong kaya kita sa pulis diba? no bail pa naman yun!

i actually don't mind if you're my close friend and you smoke marijuana. i won't stop you because you're old enough to know what you're doing. but if you smoke weed to be cool, then you're a motherfucking loser! but since i'm a good friend to you, i swear, expect me to support you until you die :D



1. my real name is... kept secret! :D it is a private stuff just like the other information you thought were true hahahah

2. most people know me by the name jiashi / jaz / pusa / neko / lucy / lexikien

3. the correct pronunciation of jiashi is "ja-yashi" and not "jiya-shi"

4. bryan poquiz is the one who nicknamed me "pusa" when we were in 5th grade. he said i look like a cat and everybody agreed. until now, i'm not sure if it was a compliment or what.

5. i am just a simple human being. not popular, rocker, goth or whatsoever. kung ano yung nakikita nyo, YUN LANG!

6. i suck at making friends in person. pero may mga taong lumalapit sakin para makipagkaibigan. dun siguro dumadami yung friends ko. so thank you! // mas magaling ako makipagfriends online! :D

7. minsan ayoko makipagkilala sa mga tao.. pakiramdam ko kasi ang pangit ko T^T i only look good in pictures - totoo to!

8. i have 3 bffe (best fucking friends ever) si geib, si booh at si rheca ♥ i love those ladies and i will NEVER ever exchange them for anyone or anything.

9. i'm attracted to girls ♥ but that doesn't make me a lesbian or something! bitches, please!

10. i like getting along with shy type of people :D yung may mysterious factor sa simula pero kapag nakilala mo sya madaldal at interesting pala! nahihiya lang pero tao pa rin naman hahahah

11. ayoko ng may nagkakagusto sakin~ i'll do anything to turn them off. don't ask me why because i don't know either.

12. compliments are too awkward. kapag may pumupuri sakin hindi ko alam kung magthathank you ba ko kasi pakiramdam ko binobola lang nila ko D: huhuhu

13. back in high school, i have this so-called hit list :D i numbered my friends and classmates, i'm planning to kill them all and put numbers on their chests! i don't know if rheca still remembers that she's my number one. she's special! hahaha // as of now, i have 130+ people on my hit list. and who knows, you might be on my list ;p

14. i am the youngest daughter, sibling, granddaughter, niece and cousin in the family :D - ooh, not anymore!

15. i don't have a province since both of my parents were born and grew up here in manila~

16. i want to live in a place that is far away from civilization, pero hindi naman yung liblib na lugar! i just don't like the life here in manila which is sooo fast.

17. i want a laid-back life.. sleeping tight at night and waking up in the morning without the need to rush ♥ ohh sarap! hahahah

18. i have an imba sense of humor. anyone could easily make me laugh. yup, ANYONE. and my laugh is also imba. as if there's no tomorrow hahahahahahahahahahahahah yeah, just like that.

19. my mom told me that when i was a baby, i ate my own poop :D awesome, don't you think? not every baby eats their own poop hahahahah proud?

20. i want to give my family a better life. sino bang anak ang ayaw bigyan ng magandang buhay ang kanilang magulang diba?!

21. i am a real spendthift! very magatos! that's actually the main reason why i want to be successful~ kailangan ko tustusan lahat ng luho ko! kaya kung ako ay may sariling ref, malamang laging puno yun! hahahah

22. i love the feeling of selling or giving service.. that's why i want to run my own business someday :D at isa pa, anak ako ng negosyante kaya ano pa ba sa tingin nyo ang gagawin ko?

23. i want to express myself through art ♥ unfortunately, i suck at that stuff. well, i can do some. but i'm not that good D:

24. my parents aren't proud of me right now because i keep losing their trust. i don't know how to gain it back anymore. but in the future, i'll make sure that they will be proud of me! because i'm pretty sure that i won't be successful in arts... but in business!

25. most people think i'm a snob. mannerism ko kasi yung pagtaas ng left eyebrow kaya nagmumukha akong masungit D: pero kapag nakilala na nila ako, nagugulat sila dahil ang bait bait ko pala hihihihihi! :D

26. kung akala nyo mabait ako... TOTOO YUN! hahahahahah mabait naman talaga ko :D kung pwede ko nga lang sana ibigay yung makakapagpasaya sa lahat ng tao ibibigay ko na e hahaha ♥ but seriously, i want everybody happy.

27. i like amusing stuffs! yung tipong mapapa "waaaw naman paano nangyari yuuun!!" ako tapos may sparkles pa sa mata ko! *w* hahahahah

28. i love interacting with animals ♥ kaya nga malapit ang loob ko kay earl at melvin e! hahahaha biro lang! hmm i like visiting the zoo :D i also want to keep a pet snake (python) but my mom will surely kill me kapag ginawa ko yun!

29. i have a REAL bad case of short-term memory D: i tend to forget things very easily and i suck big time at memorizing stuffs. that's why i love blogging. so i can at least record even the simplest events, feelings and happenings in my life.

30. i thought i was going to be a journalist. because i loved writing stories and imagining stuffs that are out of this world.. pero napunta ang lahat ng yon sa ibang arts. not by writing anymore, but by drawing.

31. pero hindi naman talaga ako magaling magdrawing. i just love arts ♥ i appreciate any kind or form of art. even simple doodles amazes me :D

32. i can do letter art. nung high school ako, maraming nagpapaletter art sakin. pero kapag para sa sarili ko na, tinatamad ako.

33. yes, i drink alcohol occasionally. but i will never ever try smoking.

34. my favorite fruit is lemon and i'm addicted to lemonade! *nom nom*

35. i don't have any favorite color. well, i like lime green. but i don't feel like wearing lime green clothes.

36. i cut my own hair when i'm bored.

37. nananakit ako! physically! because i don't want to be touched by anyone! there should always be a distance! so yeah, i have newton 3 (igoogle mo na lang haha) that can also be RPE (reflexive property of equality) igoogle mo na lang ulit hahahah so beware evil humans!

38. i hate talking to stupid and narrow-minded humans, as if they have a contagious disease. lumayo kayo sakin please lang!

39. my gadgets and stuffs have angelic / demonic names.

40. i have imaginary friends and pets :D they're my other best friends.

41. khulaza30@yahoo.com is my very first email address :D i made that account when i was in 2nd grade. and until now, i could still open it.

42. i celebrate my birthday twice a year. june and september.

43. i used to cut classes back in highschool. and i spent almost 20k php on online games. or even more.

44. i'm the founder of anti-twilight society hahahahaha trip trip lang talaga yun nung una e, kaso bumenta haha

45. i want to be the president of the philippines. if not me, i want someone who is responsible enough and won't steal the people's money. someone who is willing to die or kill just to stop corruption.

46. i throw my trash only in the right place. no matter how small it is. at kapag wala akong makitang basurahan, ilalagay ko na lang muna sa bag ko at tsaka itatapon kapag nasa bahay na. and i want everyone else to do the same.

47. i'm a fan of world war II era. minus the nazi party.

48. 30's to 50's fashion is awesome for me.

49. there is always a soft portion in my heart for old people. grandparents are special, so they should be treated in a special way.

50. my deceased maternal grandmother (nanay) cooks the best adobo in the whole world! :D

51. nanay took care of me when i was 0 - 14 years old. i was closer to her than anyone in the family. she died in 2007.

52. i'm very picky when it comes to food! i don't like durian. yeah, i know it tastes good. but i don't like the smell. hmm, i also don't like eating talong, okra and other weird halaman. maybe that's the reason why i'm too skinny D:

53. i like making california maki, sushi and bento :D

54. i love sweets! chocolates (i prefer dark), sour candies, gummy candies, cake, desserts, etc. but i'm not fond of eating ice cream. unless it's vanila, dippin dots or banana split.

55. i got four piercings. one on the left ear, three on the right. i let the two close though.

56. i'm always late at anything or anywhere D: kahit nagigising ako ng maaga at natatapos agad magprepare, pag napansin kong mahaba pa ang oras, nagmumuni-muni muna ako tapos hindi ko na mamamalayan yung oras kaya bandang huli nalalate pa rin hahahahah

57. i don't like attending formal occasions. naplaplastikan kasi ako tuwing nakakakita ako o umaattend ng okasyon na puno ng sosyalan!

58. i want to learn how to speak, write and understand japanese fluently :D i always want to visit japan someday. i love the japanese culture.

59. marami rin pala ako naging pangarap na profession before :D i wanted to be a policewoman, a soldier or a forensic scientist (crime investigation)

60. mad people scares me T^T nagpapanic ako kapag nakakarinig ng taong sumisigaw!

61. i'm afraid of cockroaches T^T as in todong takot! lalo na yung lumilipad! goosebumps!! takot rin ako sa multo, hospitals, ants and crossing the road D:

62. i'm a happy and positive kind of person :D why would you think of negative things when you could just think of the positive ones instead? siguro kahit nasusunog na yung bahay namin, iisipin ko pa rin na may magandang idudulot yun! hahahah a person will never be happy if he's too negative.

63. i find english so much easier than tagalog.

64. i'm not really good in speaking english but i'm extremely strict with my grammar and spelling. i always make sure that everything i say is grammatically correct and understandable.

65. naiiyak ako sa mga super sweet o super awesome o super touching na tao / bagay / movie / etc.

66. i love children! i like cute and chubby kids.. masarap pisilin at hiwain ang mga balat hahaha! but sometimes i want to hurt them.. i don't know.. i wanna see them in pain and then i'm gonna give them candies :D

67. nasasarapan ako sa atay at puso ng manok (aswangan? hahahahahaha) mapa-adobo, prito o kahit ano pa yan, basta gusto ko talaga yun! ♥

68. i cried when john kramer (jigsaw) died in saw 3 T^T

69. i love watching professional wrestling. randy orton is my favorite wrestler. he was my crush from 5th grade to 2nd year high school hahahah

70. i'm a super fan of the beatles!! :D kahit hindi na sila uso sa edad ko, gustong gusto ko pa rin sila! hahahaha ultimate crush ko ngayon si sir paul mccartney! ♥ he's old enough to be my grandfather but who cares?

71. 11 is my lucky number :D why? ask me and i'll tell you haha!

72. ako ay nambabatok tuwing ako ay nakakakita ng kotseng kuba (volks) hanggang ngayon ay nagagawa ko pa rin to kaya magingat sakin kung kasama nyo ako sa daanan! bigla bigla ko na lang ito ginagawa at wala akong pinipili :D

73. i started blogging way back when i was in grade 6 :D john rey san diego was my very first blog reader (sapilitan yun! crush naman nya ko before e kaya sumusunod sya sakin! bwahahahahahah)

74. my dad knows how to play several musical instruments! but he never taught me, maybe because he wanted me to learn on my own. but i was too lazy! hahahah but i used to play guitar and some drums.

75. i used to think that wearing glasses is cool. but now that i have to wear glasses, it's no longer cool T^T i'm dying for a perfect vision!

76. i super love giving and getting free hugs ♥ ♥ ♥ i prefer hugs more than kisses!

77. i don't like texting and not fond of using landlines. unless i really enjoy talking to you.

78. baa baa black sheep is my favorite nursery song :D and i love singing it in different versions (scary, sad, happy, metal, with flu, etc.)

79. i love all pixar movies and i want to be a part of a pixar team (in my dreams hahahah)

80. my cyber life is very very active since 2004. oh yes, i'm an online gamer since then! :D

81. as of now, i'm addicted to league of legends! ♥ i love its gameplay, graphics, dynamics, everything about it~

82. i have a wide range of taste in music~ no specific genre :D i listen to any song that captures my fancy mehehe

83. i super love noriter's coffee jelly :D

84. never force me to do something against my will. kahit anong bagay pa yan, pag sinabi kong ayoko, AYOKO! kahit ireverse psychology pa ako, wag na umasa na gagawin ko ang gusto mo / nyo / nila / etc. iba ang pag utos sa pagpilit :D

85. if some people think you're stupid, it's better not to talk than prove them right.

86. telephone rings annoy me.

87. my dream car is a white beetle convertible.

88. i was the first honor in kindergarten. i was in a cream section in 2nd grade. i joined a math competition in 3rd grade. i was always a top student in 4th, 5th and 6th grade :D yup, i was sort of a straight A student when i was in grade school. i have no idea what happened to me when i reached high school. pretty fucked up hahahahah

89. i'm very ticklish hahahahah! neck, back, sides, feet almost everywhere!

90. i love eating grilled chicken intestines :D

91. hindi ako sentimental na tao.. hindi ako mahilig magtago ng mga bagay bagay.. UNLESS mahalaga talaga sakin :D

92. i mix my shampoo and conditioner before i apply it to my hair :D

93. you can rarely see me wearing pants. i usually wear shorts and skirts because it's more comfortable for me.

94. hindi ko kayang sabihin yung "grrr" nagiging "garrr" huhuhuhu!

95. i want an underarm hair laser removal so bad hahaha

96. marami akong balahibo sa legs D: ang daming nagsasabi na ishave ko daw.. kaso ayoko hahahah

97. my first neopet was a blue uni and i named it "maica" something :D

98. prangka akong tao. i say what i think, sometimes tactless (sorry naman!) especially when i'm upset or mad.

99. i'm not very romantic by nature.

100. i have a thing for guilottines ♥ hahahah i know, it's weird.

101. never ever answer me with "k." tongue in a lung!

102. i do henna tattoo and nail art :D i collect nail polish~

103. nitong college ko lang narealize na maganda pala yung spongebob hahahahahahah kasi dati hindi ako nakyukyutan dun. tapos parang overrated pa. pero one time, habang nanonood si ej nun, nakinood din ako. tapos nalaman ko na sobrang nakakatawa pala yun hahahah!

104. everytime i drink coffee, i feel like i want to poop D: unless it's iced coffee~

105. i like attending cosplay conventions pero hindi ko pa natatry magcosplay. well, i'm planning to! SOON!

106. i suffer from alcohol flush reaction. my face goes pretty red when i drink any amount of alcohol.

107. maliit ako sa personal. pero wag niyo na ipagdiinan dahil nahuhurt ako! hahahahahaha chos! okay lang naman :D tanggap ko na :D short is cute! hihihihi - pampalubag loob hahahahahah

108. i super love ferrero but i don't like nutella.

109. men's perfume attracts me hahahah yung mga amoy gwapo tulad ng polo sport for men!

110. i always get mentrual cramps on every first day.

111. i eat very fast. and i could eat a lot without getting fat.

112. peter pan is my favorite cartoon character! ayoko rin kasi tumanda D: gusto ko mastuck sa 15 pero nakakalungkot man sabihin, 18 na ko huhuhu! at malapit na mag 19! T^T

113. hello, awesome, crazy, shit and nom nom are just some of my favorite words :D

114. i'm in love with a fictional character named jarvan iv :D

115. i play pump it up, drummania, technika, dance maniax, etc.

116. i'm planning to get a permanent tattoo this 2012.

117. i love animals a lot more than humans ♥

118. i'm currently in a relationship with wearvin whom i met in an online game.

mas maganda pa rin talaga kung kikilalanin mo ako sa totoong buhay kaysa puro basa lang hahahahaha nakakasiguro ka rin ba na totoo ang pinaglalagay ko dito? :D

to be continued..


hey, boyfriend.

i love your eyebrows, my ultimate crush.
i love your gorgeous eyes.
i love your perfect nose.
i love your lips, good kisser.
i love your pretty teeth.
i love your nails.
i love your hairstyle, anything suits you.
i love the angas factor you have with that earring.
i love asking how many years you haven't shaved your beard.
i love your facial expressions.
i love your gestures.
i love your smile.
i love your laugh.
i love the way you wipe your sweat off.
i love it when you make papogi for me.
i love it when you make pacute.
i love it when i catch you biting your lips, so attractive.
i love you because you're so damn gwapo!
i love the way you carry yourself in any occasion.
i love the way you walk.
i love your voice.
i love your body built.
i love your immortal chest.
i love your biceps.
i love your sense of manliness.
i love your good hygiene.
i love your health consciousness.
i love your alak breath.
i love your smell, you smell like your room haha!
i love smelling your armpit.
i love biting your arms.
i love pinching your belly.
i love tickling you to death.
i love kissing your eyes, literal sir!
i love bullying you by calling you dofm >:D
i love taking pictures with you.
i love giving you stuffs because i know you're going to treasure them.
i love you for being so pro at league of legends.
i love it when you teach me new lol champions.
i love it when you get tigas kuko with my pick up lines.
i love how you get embarrassed when i act silly in public, but you still find it funny.
i love touching your nipples in public because you find it awkward hahahaha!
i love it when we bully each other in a funny way.
i love it when you successfully annoy me by making unnecessary noise.
i love it when you make me laugh so hard that i'm about to piss.
i love being the only one who has the permission to touch your face.
i love talking to you on phone every night until we both fall asleep.
i love it when you do puppy eyes when you want or ask something from me.
i love daydreaming about you.
i love stalking you.
i love hugging you.
i love it when we kiss.
i love it when you kiss my hair, hand, forehead or cheeks.
i love it when we raaaa together hahahahahah!
i love having moments with you.
i love adventure time! :D
i love it when we do royal promises teehee!
i love it when you surprise me by kissing my neck, hmmmmm!
i love it when you hug me from behind.
i love your timeless sweetness.
i love it when you ask me how my day was.
i love it when you talk about your family.
i love it when you ask me about my family.
i love it when you introduce me to your friends and when you try to get along with my friends, but of course i still prefer when it's only the two of us.
i love it when you surprise me.
i love it when you're blushing.
i love it when you dance.
i love it when you sing for me.
i love it when you tell me about your dreams.
i love having dates with you... until the zombie apocalypse.
i love the unplanned dates.
i love having coffee dates with you.
i love having movie dates with you.
i love it when i force you to eat my left overs because you don't want them to go to waste.
i love spending my whole day with you and not noticing the time.
i love how you're more than willing to go with me anywhere when i ask you out.
i love sleeping on your shoulders.
i love clinging on to your biceps.
i love giving you a make over.
i love holding your hands.
i love blogging about you.
i love calling you sweet names.
i love your natural seloso attitude.
i love doing "hmph!" and the baby cry until you can't take it anymore.
i love hurting you physically, but i super hate it when you fight back hahahahaha!
i love scaring you with puppets and clowns mwahahahahahahahahah!
i love your terrible reaction when you see bloody and gory stuffs.
i love you because you never get mad at me for being late as usual.
i love it when you remind me to eat on time.
i love listening to your stories about your imba experiences.
i love your extreme sense of humor.
i love you for being so good in speaking english, a total turn on.
i love reading your good morning and good night messages.
i love how you make me cry when you're being too sweet.
i love how you pay full attention to everything i say.
i love how you can manage to text me despite your very busy schedule.
i love the fact that you have a very soft side despite of being so manly.
i love you for being so responsible.
i love how you inspire me to do good things.
i love how you always put me first before anything else.
i love it when you call me your girlfriend in front of other people.
i love how you remind me things i tend to forget.
i love how you make me feel protected all the time when you're around.
i love the way you treat me like a princess.
i love it when you compliment me, bola or not basta i love it as long as it's from you hahah!
i love how we get along together well.
i love it when you directly tell me my mistakes so i could do better next time.
i love how you always see the best in me.
i love your honesty and sincerity.
i love your patience.
i love it when you tell me how much you love me.
i love planning out my future with you.
i love you for being so smart and intelligent.
i love you for being competitive, that's something i really adore about you, however, i hate having arguments with you because you really are a tough competitor.
i love how you try to make me calm when i'm upset.
i love how you try to analyze my problems for me.
i love the way you think.
i love your viewpoint at anything.
i love asking for your sentiments and advice because i know they're always reliable and sensible.
i love how you do everything i ask you to do.
i love you for being so talented.
i love how interested you are in me.
i love you for respecting me a lot.
i love how you make me proud all the time.
i love how you impress and amaze me by doing great things.
i love it when you try to understand our differences.
i love how you make me feel kilig after all these months.
actually, i love everything about you, not only the good things, but everything (though i really can't see any bad thing about you) ah basta, i really love you babe :>

p.s. sorry kung inabot ako ng late sa paggawa ng post na to. nagrereminisce pa kasi ako tapos kinikilig ako kaya sobrang time consuming! hahaha sorry baby! i love youuu! kisu kisu ^3^


i know this is totally random but i just wanna say how proud i am of wearvin :D ♥

i mean, who wouldn't feel lucky to have someone.. na kayang imaintain yung good grades, finishes his school works on time, may magandang performance sa trabaho, to think na ang dami nyang kailangan imemorize na starbucks recipe, nakukuha pang maglaro ng league of legends o manood ng anime during his spare time, and despite his very busy schedule, he still manages to be an awesome boyfriend to me :> no miss yan! everyday pa rin akong kinikilig sa kanya! haha kapag break time nya, tinetext nya ko agad. o kaya kapag may klase sya, sumisimple pa ng pagtetext para lang makausap ako. ako pa nga minsan yung nagpapatigil sa kanya na magtext kapag may iba syang ginagawa hahahahah! and most of all, nakakapagdate kami regularly teehee ♥

obvious naman na motivated sya sa ginagawa nya kasi nageexcel sya talaga~ and you know what's even more nakakakilig? ako daw yung inspiration nya sa mga ginagawa nya :> hahahahah! haba ng hair teh?

wala lang! natutuwa lang talaga ko! sobrang blessed kasi ang lovelife ko hahahahah! i really could not ask for more! come on, hindi naman lahat ng lalake kasing responsable nya e. actually, wala nga akong ibang kakilala na lalakeng ginagawang inspiration yung girlfriend nila sa tasks nila. yung iba kasi nagiging expiration pa nga! hahahahah lovelife yung nagiging reason kaya nawawala yung focus sa priorities. tsk tsk. but wearvin is sooo different~ he's got a lot of priorities but he never forgets to put me first before anything else. and i love him so much for that ♥

excuse me if this post sounds so cheesy, blog ko naman to e! hahahah tsaka ganun talaga pag in love, corny man sa paningin ng iba, pero masarap yung feeling at yun ang mahalaga hihihi! lalo na kapag right love! :> ayiieeeekikkiieekiiii! hahahahahahahahah
self-realization # 12

finally, i get it now.

a healthy relationship is all about communication :D

actually, i already knew it since before. for me, communication is really the main foundation of any kind of relationship. pero ngayon ko lang talaga sya naprove at narealize ng bonggang bongga.

what do i exactly mean by communication?

it's about OPENNESS. yung ready kayo sa kahit anong usapan, positive man o negative. basta lahat ng misunderstandings hindi pinapangunahan ng emosyon. instead, dinadaan sa magandang usapan. pero walang kwenta ang usap kung hindi marunong umintindi. so you also need to be UNDERSTANDING. dapat marunong ka talaga umunawa sa other party. yung bago ka magalit, alamin mo muna kung bakit nya ginawa yung bagay na yun because you have all the rights to know the reason. don't waste it.

kaya kung kaya nyong gawin yung dalawang bagay na yun (being open and understanding) para sa relationship nyo, i'm sure magiging super harmonious yung pagsasama nyo :3 hihihi

yes, communication before anything else. kasi kapag marunong kayo magcommunicate sa isa't isa, lalo mo pang makikilala ng husto yung partner mo. and everything will automatically follow. dun na papasok yung love, care, trust, etc. when you completely know your partner already, it would be no longer hard for you to trust him/her with all your heart.

if you try to understand, you'll also be understood in return.
give and take, that's how it goes.


it's hard to get to the top when something or somebody keeps pulling you down.

like climbing a mountain and suddenly a wild wolf appears right in front of you, you have no idea that it's been watching over you from the start, just waiting for a good timing to eat your filthy human meat. ohhh, scary.

- - -

nacurious ako bigla kung anong lasa ng tao :D ... wait, what? dafuq did i just imagine?


i can't avoid getting jealous of the people who gets to see my boyfriend everyday :(