it would be so easy for you to say those things because you're not the one who's going through this. so don't even speak. okay? good.
self-realization # 11

people are programmed to be perfectionists. they will only notice your wrong moves and won't ever bother praising you for doing your best or even when you've done something great. whatever you do will never be enough for them. they will always expect something better from you. ALWAYS.

but you know, you can do something about it... don't be like them.

have your own way of viewing things. when you see something you don't like, just keep it to yourself instead of complaining about it. why would you let it annoy you when you can just look at the bright side of it? it's just a matter of how you understand things. people aren't perfect and so are you. everything has a limit. if that's what's given then at least appreciate it.

sometimes, you don't have to change other people. just make a difference in yourself.


wearv x jiashi :>


funny how wearvin and i have known each other for only 8 months and yet it feels like we've been together for 8 years already! hahaha we've made a super strong bond that nothing or no one could ever break.. not even us. i can't even get mad at him for a long time because my love for him is stronger than any other feeling.  and the awesome thing is, that feeling continuously grows day by day :D

until now, i'm still amazed how we instantly get at this point. everything happened so fast. it all started with a facebook friend request and the rest is history. i appreciate all the ups and downs we've been through as i look back because if it wasn't for all those, our relationship wouldn't be as healthy as this.

i really feel lucky having him in my life. seriously. he never fails to make me feel kilig after all these months. he makes my heart cry only with his surprises. he's more on actions, less promises. he dedicates his every action to me and that inspires me to do good things too. we rarely fight because we prefer to talk the misunderstandings out. i only see good things in our relationship. i never even thought that i would experience this kind of love. i mean, he's like my very own tumblr guy. the ideal boyfriend of every girl on tumblr ;) haha yes, he's got the "too good to be true" factor. and that's what made me fall for him sooo deep :> plus, he had proven his love for me by putting up lotsa visible effort. come on, not every guy is sincere like him. actually, they're the rare type. and having wearvin as my boyfriend, there's nothing more i would ask for ♥