- a boring start of 2011
- very lazy jiashi
- drama, drama and more dramas
- penguins and polar bears
- all caps syndrome
- farewell legion
- we the kings / nevershoutnever
- less drinking sessions
- cosplay & kpop events
- stupid decisions + regrets
- heartaches
- bitter ending
- rainy season is crying season
- palawan trip
- met a lot of awesome people
- went to a lot of awesome places
- had an adventure (lagi naman e hahaha)
- artist wannabe
- league of legends ♥
- awesome LOL friends
- a bum's life
- been cheated on 5 times
- finally decided to end it
- cyborgs!
- moved on
- forgive and forget
- a bitter ex
- another year with my best fucking friends ever

2011 had been a very rough year for me. and unfortunately, things didn't turn out the way i planned. pero okay lang :D dahil hindi man naging maganda yung simula at gitna ng taon na to, at least nagtapos naman na masaya :D

maraming salamat sa mga nakasama at nakilala ko nung 2011! see you again this 2012! hihihi! i'll make sure that this year will be better! let us all enjoy it like it's literally the end of the world! hahahahah