you're the one who asked me to be happy, right? you said you don't want to see me sad because you get sad too. you also told me that i should get moving because our relationship is going nowhere anymore. please never ever forget about that. i just did what you asked me to.

don't think that this is my way of getting revenge. well, i was hurt so much before that i wanted to hate you. but i chose not because i'm not the type of person who keeps grudges. lucky you :D

honestly, you don't look so happy right now D: and i don't know why~ i thought you're already happy with your life without me? i guess you were lying. ha!

oh well, all i wish is for you to be happy too :D for you to feel better, stop being bitter. so free yourself from bitterness first! learn to let go of the past and start living in the present. i know you can do that! because i just did it! :D