why do i look for you all the time? why do i check your facebook profile from time to time? why do i want to talk to you the whole day, wherever i go and whatever i do? WHY?

i'm pretty sure that i'm not falling for you. right now, all i know is the wonderful feeling i get every time we talk. even about the most nonsense stuffs :) i actually think you're some kind of wizard because you can make me smile without even making any move hahahah

you know, i always want to talk to you first. i want to ask random things about you. i want to know you more. but there were times that i feel like i'm annoying you. so i just wait for you to talk to me first instead. well, it's okay. i'm happy just to talk to you :)

i like you.. as a friend :) that's all as of the moment. and while i'm writing this entry, i'm thinking about you. hoping that you would came across my blog and read this. so you could at least have an idea how much you make my heart so happy effortlessly :) i'm so down right now, but you picked me up. and that's the best thing you could do for me so far ♥