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A girl should do this. A girl should do that.
by Jillian Salacata

Everything written here is a product of my mind; making it my personal opinion. Therefore any argument thrown at me in this post shall be invalid. Have you ever experienced meeting someone-- a guy to be exact. And people would go ape shit when they find out that you, a girl, a human specimen with boobs, is the one initiating the conversation towards him, or asking him to hang out and stuff? Here are some of the most common things I hear about "Girl Rules:" 1. "Girls should wait for the guy to text first." 2. "Girls should let him notice you, not the other way around." 3. "Girls should never call a guy first." 4. "Girls should never ask the guy out." 5. Etc... etc.. (lol, wala na 'kong maisip) It will forever puzzle me as to why people always expect guys to initiate things first. I mean, what's wrong with girls doing 'those' kinds of acts anyway? I for one, think that it's unfair for the guy to be obliged with things like this. I just don't see the point. Isn't it that effort goes a long way? Hindi ba maa-appreciate din naman ng lalaki pag nakikita niyang interesado ang babae na makilala pa siya ng husto? Hindi yung pakipot pa; feeling conservative kahit hindi naman :| Wala naman sigurong malisya pag ikaw yung nauna sa mga get-to-know-you basis niyo, diba?? (as long as you keep it natural, and not too obvious... y'know, if you happen to like the guy) Honestly, in what century do you live in to even follow these so called 'rules'. Hindi na uso ang mga Maria Clara! Pag gusto mo ang isang bagay, kagatin mo na bago ka maunahan ng iba! TAKE A RISK. Isn't that what life is all about?


Why do boys always have to be the first one to initiate? I mean, isn't that sexist? Kakausapin mo lang yung lalaki, malandi ka na agad? WTH, right?! Hindi ba pwedeng friendly muna? Although, I don't think that if you like a guy, you should be the one to make a move. I mean, yes, you may let him know that you like him and befriend him, but not to the point na parang ikaw na yung nanliligaw. Hindi maganda yun! There's a fine line between being friendly and being a slut. You should know the difference, and you must never cross the line.

^ T to the H-I-S. this.