i can fool everybody,
but i can't make myself believe my own lies.

no matter how many times i say that i'm already over him,
the truth is still the truth.
i can never lie to myself.

and yeah, the truth is.. i still do love jeff.
i still love him the way that i did before.
although there were lots of changes..
but my feelings didn't fade despite everything.

i still want him back. so bad.
but it's not a good idea anymore.

i know this whole idea may sound lame to others.
but i really love him so much it hurts.

i don't want anyone to know about this.
not even my best friends.
they would surely just blame me for being so stupid.
they will never understand this feeling.

but thank God, i've already accepted the fact that we can no longer be together again :D
it's just that.. sometimes i can't help but miss him D:
like right now.