we went to tagaytay and cavite earlier today.
marvin will be flying back to US on tuesday so.. niyaya siya ni madur umalis ngayon :3
tapos may iba pa kaming mga kasama~

had lunch at leslies, bought foods, went to uncle jess' house in dasma.

un lang.

in all fairness, i enjoyed this day :D to think na wala naman kami masyadong ginawa.
i just love the bonding.. especially with (kuya) marvin :D

honestly, i dunno if i'm gonna call him kuya or not.
it feels awkward to call him kuya since he's my nephew though he's older than me.
but it also feels awkward not to call him kuya because i'm used to call all my older male cousins "kuya".
but it's even more awkward everytime he's teases me, calling me tita!

uhh, i told you it's awkward.

me and marvin haven't seen each other for ages. like 12 years? wow.
i couldn't even remember him that much anymore. he was 18 when he left the philippines. now he's around 30. i think i was just 5 when i last saw him.

all i can remember about him is that.. i had a crush on him before XD
he's so gwapo when he's still young! my goodness!
maghahanap ako ng old pictures para may proof! :D
i still find him gwapo pa din naman until now (well, balisacan kami e! echos.)
but hello he's a married guy already!
hahahaha so parang kuya ko na lang talaga siya :D

as i was saying, marvin is my pamangkin :D father side!
and yes, he's my nephew and he's A LOT older than me!
hahahaha how come? i also don't know.
i think i'm the one who broke our family tree D: hahahahah kidding!

but i do have a lot of nephews and nieces who are older than me.
both my father and mother side.

would you still believe me if i say that i already have grandchildren? :D


but of course i wouldn't let them call me lola. yikes! creepy.

ask me and i'll tell you more about it :D hahahahahaha


hmm sa totoo lang, di ako masyadong close sa relatives ko sa father side. ung iba nga di ko kilala e. karamihan kasi sa kanila pumunta na sa states bago pa ako ipanganak kaya siguro di ko na sila nakilala.

but now i'm pretty excited to meet the balisacans :D
i didn't know that they're awesome!

sabi ni marvin dadalhin niya daw ako sa virginia and south carolina pag nakapunta ko sa states :D yayayayay nakakaexcite! haha :D

makes me wanna go to america.. NOW!
joke lang :D


i'm bored.