i wonder what would jep feel when i try to be sweet and affectionate to him?
hahahahahahahahah i think he's gonna disown me O_____O
i hope not! hahahahahahah

hmm i was just inspired by the text message forwarded by diana.

"ang pride parang underwear.
pag di mo binaba, walang mangyayari."

ahahahahahahahahahahaha isn't it inspiring??? haha kidding!

ever since, i've always made him feel like my pride is more important than him.
and i feel so bad about it. it is actually not true.
of course, he's a lot more important to me than anything else.
it's just that, i dunno how to show it to him.

well now, i'm planning to change my ways :D
i wanna be a very sweet girlfriend to him!
let's see if he would notice it when he gets back here in manila.

good luck jiashi! XD