My reign is over.
EMPEROR BOOH is defeat from a thing called love.

This will be the first time that I will give up something.
I so much love you that nothing has left for me.
I guess I should let go of you at the same time that I will give up my title as an EMPEROR.
Yeah, you heard it right.
I'm giving up now my title as an EMPEROR, no more "EMPEROR BOOH"
So this will be my last day as an EMPEROR
Because I realized that how can I be an Emperor if I cannot handle such things like this.
I'm sorry Nero if I will no longer be your next heir for your throne.
Now My Dear, I'm giving you freedom,
don't worry anymore about me.
Even if I stumble nor fall like the first time we met.
I'm ready to face my fears.
but will you pick me again when the time has come that I'm ready to face that thing who defeated Emperor Booh?

I still love you just the same and right now, I'm so missing you.

Take care always and when you sleep don't let that nightmares conquer you.

Just remember
You will always be the person whom EMPEROR BOOH ever approved of.
And I know that no one can surpass you.
No one can make my heartbeat faster and slower at the same time just like what you did.
No one can touch my hair except you.
No one can make me sleep early except you.
That's why I know that no one can surpass the only person that EMPEROR BOOH ever approved of.

I, Emperor Boohcius Erwin Caesar Orcius Younglblood, is now giving up my title as an Emperor for I was defeated from the thing called love. I, Emperor Booh, decided to give up my title because I cannot be called an Emperor if I can't handle such things like this. I, Emperor Booh, is now accepting everything. For I, Emperor Booh, is not yet ready.
and I don't assure that I will be back from being an Emperor Booh again.
For I, decided that until I cannot handle such things called love, I decided not to be called Emperor Booh but only "BOOH"

I, EMPEROR BOOHCIUS ERWIN CAESAR ORCIUS YOUNGBLOOD, is now giving up my title as an EMPEROR and ready to face any obstacle tha reality in store for me.

So Goodbye, Emperor Booh.
Face the reality.
You will no longer be called "EMPEROR BOOH"
but will just be called "BOOH".

Farewell, Rabidanian Empire.

February 22, 2011

oh my goodness, this is freakin' sad T^T booh posted this on facebook few minutes ago D: D: D:

you might find it really really weird if you don't know booh personally. but for me, as an F4, as her partner in crime, as one of the persons whom she really trusts, that letter saddens me to death. even sadder than those dramas i've watched before D:

i can feel her loneliness right now, but i never thought that it would go to this extent. her decision seriously shocked me. this is even more revelating than finding out that peter lim and janine lim are siblings~ woah! hahaha anyway, giving up her empire is just like forgetting the plans she made when we were still in highschool. yeah, it's not as easy as you think. though her life would still go on and on, but it wouldn't be the same anymore.

most people think she's going nuts everytime she talks about her empire and stuffs, but for me it's wonderful. yeah, it's pretty weird but that's how we go :D no words can explain why am i sad right now. but still no use even though i try to explain it, nobody could understand except the four of us, and some other people who are close to booh.

i just hope booh wouldn't feel any regret after this.
i hope she made the right decision.
i hope this will make her happy.
then i'll be happy too :D