yay! done installing frozen throne on my laptop! :D it's been months since the last time i played dota. huling laro ko 6.67c pa yata e. my goodness! i guess i'm so weak na ngayon T^T aww

anyway, i haven't updated the version yet kaya hindi pa ako nakakalaro. i'm too busy doing something else pa e. maybe later. ininstall ko lang agad yung game so i can lend my installers to jep on thursday.

take a look!
alam niyo ba na sa computer shop pa namin to galing? way way back in 2004~ yep! they're still working! and they are original copies! :D ate joy's husband was too strict when it comes to computer kaya puro original installers for EACH computer. taray no? hahahahaha so there. just want to share it. if ever you want to borrow these, just contact me and i'll name the price hahahahaha kidding!

please excuse my taglish drama okay? conio kunware! hahaha ang dami na ngang naaannoy sa text ko e hahahahahaha! i'm just so bored with my life. you know right?! hahaha yeah, whatever.