while i was blog hopping last night, i saw the article "please don't give blogging a bad name" at ate peachy's page.

i can't believe that this kind of thing exists! i feel pity for the establishment owners and bloggers that were victimized by the pr firm and some bad blogger(s). i mean, for a business owner, who would be happy when somebody extorts big amount of money from them in exchange of good reviews? para tulungan ka nila na umasenso yung business mo kailangan mo maglabas ng pera? i can't get the point there O___O and if you declined, they will try to give you negative reviews that could ruin your business. it is so not fair you know! D:

and for that so-called "big bad blogger", i don't know if he really exist or not since he was not named by the writer of the article (it could make you think that the article might not be true) anyway, it's just disappointing to think that blogging is getting a bad image. most bloggers (isa na ako dun), sa blog na lang nila nagagawa na maging totoo. so don't ever let anybody or anything control your opinions. imagine, sarili mong opinion ay may presyo? my goodness!

in times like this, i don't know what or who to believe anymore. everything seems so fake.

to those evildoers, t(-_-t)