this year is going to be a year of change for me. i don't wanna waste another year for nothing. i have to make 2011 productive and fruitful!

for my career, first, i have to fight procrastination. hindi ako aasenso kung tatamad-tamad ako. i have to set goals and follow it. that's why i'll be using an organizer (and take care of it!) so i'm always reminded that i have plans to do. hindi ko pa alam kung anong mangyayari sakin sa taon na to.. kung magaaral ba ulit ako next school year o kung pupunta na ba kami sa states. basta kung ano man ang mangyari, kailangan ko na maging responsableng nilalang.

now, love life. i can't deny that i love Jep. so much. as of now, he is the one i want to be with for the rest of my life. yeah, easy to say but.. to think that we're getting stronger and tighter, i just can't see any reason for us to be apart. last month had been so rough for the two of us, but now we're planning to start over again. saktong-sakto sa bagong taon XD forgive and forget~ we'll put a lot more effort to make this relationship better than ever. patience, open mind, trust and love love love ♥ from on, i'll be loving his imperfections like it was his best asset! ahahahahahahah i love you sweetheart! hahaha

and of course, myself. there are lot of things i want to change, of course for the better! gaya nga ng sabi ni Jep, "upgrade" lang! it really hurts me a lot to think that i'll be turning 18 this year D: you know, i'm a sucker in acting like a matured person that's why i don't wanna get old. but sad to say, i can't fight reality. i have to face this even though it's against my will~ one of the things i can do is to change for the better before it's too late. ayoko naman ng nasa legal age na ko pero wala pa din akong naproprove sa kanila. sisimulan ko to sa sarili ko. step by step. one at a time. get rid of my negative attitudes and start becoming a better person. even better than you!

hopefully at the end of the year, loud and proud kong ibrobroadcast dito sa blog ko na nagawa kong magbago :D okay, let's say i won't do this for them.. kahit para sa sarili ko na lang. gusto ko may mapatunayan ako sa sarili ko. yeah right Jiashi! fighting!

(cue: The World's Greatest)
i'm that star up in the sky
i'm that mountain peak up high
hey, i made it!
i'm the world's greatest