if you haven't heard about this thailand movie (2010) called crazy little thing called love, or also known as first love, then i suggest you to watch it's trailer NOW! yeah, it's a must! hahahah
so there, it's about a highschool girl named nam who has a crush on her senior, chone, a photographer and a football player. nam was ugly at first, but she did everything to make chone notice her, like studying hard to excel in academics and trying her best to be beautiful and improve her physical appearance.

okay so, i already finished watching it! just downloading some soundtracks right now. you can watch the part 1 of the movie here.


the main reason why i watched this movie is because patrick jan cruz (the one who recommended me to watch this. by the way, thank you!) said that this movie will surely remind you of your highschool days. sounds interesting, isn't it? highschool is always one of the best parts in every person's life. who the hell doesn't want to be in highschool again?! nobody. i know we are all wishing that even just for a day, we can go back in time and relive our highschool days.

the second reason is that... the guy is so freakin' handsome i could die!!! *pulpitates* hahahahahaha i think i love him already? haha kidding! or not? hahahahmm, if you don't want the fun to be spoiled, then don't be tempted to read the paragraph below! XD

my favorite part in this movie is... when nam was chosen to be the drum major in the parade~ my goodness, she is very beautiful in that part! i really never thought that she could be that pretty! :D she really changed a lot! and i also like the late part... when i realized that chone also has a crush on nam from the very start! i cried because it's just too sweet~ i just hate chone because he can't express his love for nam! hush! (forgive me, i don't know the english term for torpe hahahah) and oh, the scene in the swimming pool made me cry too D: i cried so hard like a bullied kid T______T i can feel nam's pain. hays.

although it's the very first and the only thai movie i've watched as of now, i can already say that this will be my favorite thai movie ever!!! you know what? this is the only movie that i didn't want to predict the next scenes :D i don't know, hahaha i just want to be surprised.. and i really was! such a great movie!! it's really a must watch!

let us all reminisce our highschool days ♥