i just noticed something.. people from the west doesn't look that cute when they cosplay :D (puti, kano, etc.) unless the character that they replicate is as handsome as Cloud Strife or as beautiful as Tifa Lockhart! or someone like them~ but when they do characters as cute as Konata Izumi and some other Japanese highschool students, it just doesn't fit them O___O

what i mean is.. cosplaying is cute, as well as Asians (especially Japanese) while Western people are undeniably beautiful and stunning. and they (will) look a lot better when they don't wear the typical Japanese high school uniform and make peace signs with that "pa-cute" face.

does that make more sense to you now?

if you're from the west or you got a friend from the west who cosplays, please don't get me wrong :3 i'm not being a racist here, okay? (fuck racism!) this is what you call "point of view" but if you still aren't convinced and you want to start an argument with me, then let's get it on! :D i love debates ♥