yay! i have a girl crush right now :D actually, he's a guy. but he's my "girl crush" hahahaha kinda confusing? well, i thought he was a girl before because he got shoulder length messy hair that makes him look like a boyish girl.

few days ago he PMed me on Facebook. that was the first time we talked. and then i keep on telling him that he looks like a girl to me. after that, i noticed that he always answer me in a sarcastic manner. seems like he was insulted XD so i told him that it's actually a compliment. he's too pretty to be a guy~ i even asked him if he could be a girl so he could be my girl crush, because i don't like boys. but he said he's really straight and he'll never turn into a girl D: aww that's sad.

hmm he's from UST, Conservatory of Music (whoa!) and he's also a Yagami :D (we're siblings yay!) he plays some arcade games too and a member of FZ Galleria. i don't know if he's a Pump player too, but he said he's not good at it.

until now, i still call him "pretty" whenever he PM's me on Facebook. good thing, he's no longer annoyed. but still, everytime he talks, he's like always trying to outsmart me ~___~ plus, he always talk in English (although it's not that impressive) and that makes him look so maarte! napapasabak tuloy ako sa pageenglish tuwing kausap ko siya! haha actually, the reason why i keep on writing my blog entries in English is because i'm practicing~ so that i could talk to him in English too!! hahahahahaha joke lang! maybe he's just used to speak in English.

but... i don't find him nice at all. hindi siya nice kausap at marami din siyang chicks. oh well, he's just my crush anyway. i just love his awesome hair :D nothing else.