okay haha, i just saw my guy "girl crush" making usap with some other guy (o more like gay?) friend of his on facebook. and both of them are sooo CONIO! hahahahaha

the other one says it's masarap magStarbucks there in Nuvali! that made me say "what the fuck?" because it's like so stupid, you know. i mean.. anywhere you go naman, the taste of the Starbucks is still the same, you idiot! nothing is "more masarap" or "more masaya" hahaha maybe maganda yung view but it's not really more masarap. he's like so bobo! ano ber!!

almost parehong issue about the one who rants just because his parents didn't let him make inom inom during the Noche Buena. that's also walang kwenta. i mean, is there something kakaiba when you make inom during the Christmas eve and on an ordinary day? wala naman e right? he's just making his own inis out of nothing hahahaha!

and then nabasa ko rin that they're are making kwento about the luho they wished for Christmas yet it's too mahal that's why their parents didn't buy those stuffs for them. i mean, duh! who the hell cares naman if they got Mac for Christmas instead of iPhone 4?! obviously, they're just making yabang to each other about their bisyo in life hahaha! they made me laugh like there's no tomorrow because they have no kaibahan from the kids making aral in lah-zalle and ah-teneah who also make tambay in Starbucks while having their yosi break hahahahahahahahaha


ang hirap magconyo shit ~____~ i just want to say that Gio is no longer my girl crush.

wala akong pakialam kung gaano kayaman yung kapitbahay ng kaklase ng pinsan ng kapatid ng pamangkin ng kamaganak mo! basta naiinis ko sa mga taong pasosyal! it makes you look less intelligent when you can't compose a complete thought using straight English or Tagalog. tapos yung mga topic pa nila, obvious na pang mga social-climber!

oo, maganda nga hair mo, pero ang pangit naman ng grammar mo! sorry, but that's a total turn off. kalalake niyong tao napakaarte niyo magsalita! ang mga konyo pinsan ng mga jejemon XD pare-parehong shit lang kayo! sauce.