Day 24 — The person that gave you your favorite memory

at first, i thought i'm gonna hate the rest of my 4th year highschool days just because i belong to this section. i've only got few friends before and most of my classmates look like drama queens. i even cut classes during the early school year. until i met someone who caught my eyes. although he's quiet, i find him so interesting that's why i wanted to be friends with him. but he avoided me instead of noticing me. but that didn't turn me off, because for me, he's really the reason why i want to attend our class everyday. then after few weeks, i started to get along with my other classmates. i've gained lots of friends and i found out how cool they are.

this is something i want to tell you before but i didn't get the chance. right now, i think this is the best time..

dear LCC-C Charism 2009-2010,
i may not be friends with all of you but i want to thank each and every one of you for making my highschool life unforgettable. and also, forgive me if i offended any of you intentionally or unintentionally.

for me, you are the most wonderful classmates anyone could ever ask for. i'm pretty sure that each of us contributed something in our own special way to make this class stand out. some of us excel in academics, sports, contests and everything else. and that's a big help to our batch. although some of us chose not to be active in different school activities, they still try their best to participate and give their support to our group. and that's a big part too.

i miss you Emperor Booh, Papa Jep, Melvs/Baby Jade, Earl na pagkapogi-pogi, Geneballs, Reyn, Shayne Beybeh, Bom Hee, Triatoots, Angie, Akino, Kreestel, Palad, Empi, Eion, Beniwang, Ostong, Caeks, Lance, JB, Zairyl, Eunice, Monica, Ceddy, Devorah, Ralph, Jan Michael, Mileng, Ynah, Lara, Major, Jessa, Joyce, Queck, Rowelyn, Calvin, John Delle at Shiela (hahaha mas namimiss ko pa si Shiela kesa dun sa mga hindi ko sinama yung pangalan dito bwahahahahahah alam niyo na yon kung sino-sino sila) ay pati pala si Mamu namimiss ko kahit mortal enemy ko yun hahahahaha basta miss ko na kayo! now i can say that i'm so grateful to be a part of class. words can't decribe how amazing you are. awesome. just awesome.

i miss all of you and i love you for the rest of my entire life ♥ walang iwanan kahit tumanda na kayong lahat ha :D