aww bakit ganon?? bakit?! why oh why? why the hell is it so destructive? aish i'm so upset right now.. i'm losing my CON-FI-DENCE T____T

after three years of staying away from "those kind" of songs, now i find myself listening to them again. "it ends tonight" never fails making me sadder whenever i'm sad, yet i keep on listening to it O: not just because it's one of my favorite songs.. but maybe as i keep on getting sadder and sadder while listening to it, i didn't notice that i'm already feeling better. that's a good thing after all. thank you laslas songs XD i know you're the only one who can help me. but don't carry me away anymore wooohh~

so now, i'll start chasing for my self-esteem again. please come back to me.