sana yung paglayo ko sayo kasing dali lang ng pagbura ng friend sa facebook... pagkatapos kita madelete, hindi mo na makikita yung updates sakin kasi nakaprivate na yung profile ko. wala na tayong connections, hindi mo na mababasa mga status ko, hindi ka na makakapagcomment sa posts ko, hindi ka na makakapagpost sa wall ko. tapos yung pagPM mo sakin hindi na kasing dali sa chat. pwede mo pa ko imessage pero choice ko na kung sasagutin pa kita o hindi na. at pag sinubukan mo ulit ako i-add, ibloblock na kita :D

how i wish.
nakabili na ko ng pdvd ng saw 7. pero bukas ko na papanoorin, ayaw gumana dito sa laptop e D:

excited muchhhh ♥ pag nagandahan ako tsaka ko na lang papanoorin sa 3d hahaha
aish gustong gusto ko na mapanood yung saw D: bibili ako ng pdvd mamaya bwahahahahahah excited na ko e
nakakataba ng puso kapag nakatanggap ka ng compliment galing sa taong hindi mo naman kaclose ♥ at mas nakakatuwa pa e parang puro positive ang nakikita niya sayo kahit posibleng binobola ka lang niya hahahahaha

thank you stalkers! mabuhay kayo!

ayy namiss ko ulit yung friends ko dati hahaha
nakakalungkot... pero hindi ko alam kung paano ko ishashare dito sa blog ko. sinubukan ko magopen up kay cabby pero hindi naman niya pinansin. si yang naman katext ko din kanina kaso biglang nagloko yung phone ko kaya hindi na ko nakapagopen sa kanya. silang dalawa pa lang yung napagsasabihan ko ng mga drama ko sa buhay. another choice, si papa jack. hahahaha pero asa naman ako dun.

hay ang sakit sa puso.


nung isang araw ko pa dapat to ipopost e. something to do with the bombing that happened recently in Korea. so... there's a blind Bulgarian clairvoyant named Baba Vanga (clairvoyance - clear vision, someone who claims that he/she sees the future, or something like that) predicted that World War III will occur on November 2010 (starting as a regular war) at eto nga, nangyari yung bombing bombing sa Korea O__Oas i searched on the internet about Baba Vanga's life, i found this.. her so-called other predictions.

2010: World War 3 begins in November 2010. Starting as a regular war, it will progress to a nuclear and chemical war. Vanga says the war will be finished by October 2014.

2011: As a result of the war, radioactive showers will destroy almost all life in the Northern Hemisphere. The remaining Europeans will face an even further threat from the Muslims who will use chemical weapons to finish them off.

2014: As another result of the chemicals and nuclear weapons during the war, most of the world population will have skin cancer and other skin diseases.

2016: Europe is nearly uninhabited.

2018: China will become the new superpower. The exploiters will become the exploited.

2023: The Earth's orbit will change.

2025: Europe is still very underpopulated.

2028: A new energy source will be found. Hunger is overcome. A manned space flight will leave for Venus.

2033: The world water levels will rise as the polar ice caps melt.

2043: Economy is good. The Muslims will run Europe.

2046: All bodily organs can be reproduced, becoming the easiest and most popular method of treatment.

2066: The U.S. uses a new climate-changing weapon on Muslim controlled Rome.

2076: Communism takes over.

2084: Nature is reborn.(??)

2088: A new disease makes you grow old in seconds.

2097: The Fast-Aging Disease is cured.

2100: Man-made sun is lighting up the dark side of the planet.

2111: People become robots. Probably like androids.

2123: Wars between small countries. The big countries stay out of it.

2125: Signals from Space will be received in Hungary. (People will be reminded of Baba Vanga - probably due to her alien subjects)

2130: With the help of the aliens, civilizations will live underwater.

2164: Animals turn half-human.

2167: A new religion.

2170: Major drought.

2183: A colony on Mars will become a nuclear power and ask for independance from Earth. (Like the U.S. asked from England.)

2187: 2 large volcanic eruptions will be successfully stopped.

2195: The sea colonies will have energy and food.

2196: Asians and Europeans will be completely mixed.

2201: Temperatures drop as the sun's thermonuclear processes slow down.

2221: In the search for extra-terrestrial life, humans will come in contact with something terrible.

2256: A spaceship will bring a new disease to Earth.

2262: Planets will slowly change orbits. Mars will be threatened by a comet.

2271: Physics laws will be changed.

2273: White, black and yellow races will form 1 new race.

2279: Power will be obtained from nothing. (Possibly a vacuum or a black hole.)

2288: Possible time travel and alien contact.

2291: The sun grows cooler. Attempts will be made to make it hot again.

2296: Strong explosions in the sun. The forces of gravity will change. Old space stations and satellites will fall.

2299: In France, a resistance movement will rise against Islam.

2302: Important laws and secrets of the universe are revealed.

2304: Secrets of the Moon are also revealed.

2341: Something terrible will approach Earth from Space.

2354: An accident on the artificial sun will result in drought.

2371: World hunger.

2378: A new and fast-growing race.

2480: 2 artificial (man-made) suns will collide and leave the Earth in the dark.

3005: A war on Mars will change the trajectory of the planet.

3010: A comet will hit the moon. The Earth will be surrounded by a ring of rock and ash.

3797: By this time, everything on Earth will die. However, human civilization will be advanced enough to move to a new star system.

And just when I thought this long look into a possible future by Baba Vanga was finished, I found a whole bunch of reposts of even more dates on many blogs and forums. Not sure where they originated from either. These next ones are copied since all the sites are the same - these aren't in my words, that is.

3803: A new planet is populated by little. Fewer contacts between people. Climate new planet affects the organisms of people - they mutate.

3805: The war between humans for resources. More than half of people dying out.

3815: The war is over.

3854: The development of civilization virtually stops. People live flocks as beasts.

3871: New prophet tells people about moral values, religion.

3874: New prophet receives support from all segments of the population. Organized a new church.

3878: along with the Church to re-train new people forgotten sciences.

4302: New cities are growing in the world. New Church encourages the development of new technology and science.

4302: The development of science. Scientists discovered in the overall impact of all diseases in organism behavior.

4304: Found a way to win any disease.

4308: Due to mutation people at last beginning to use their brains more than 34%. Completely lost the notion of evil and hatred.

4509: Getting to Know God. The man has finally been reached such a level of development that can communicate with God.

4599: People achieve immortality.

4674: The development of civilization has reached its peak. The number of people living on different planets is about 340 billion. Assimilation begins with aliens.

5076: A boundary universe. With it, no one knows.

5078: The decision to leave the boundaries of the universe. While about 40 percent of the population is against it.

5079: End of the World.

isn't it !@$@^&# scary?! O______O what just happened in Korea (at yung prediction ni Baba Vanga about WWIII) is almost like beyond coincidence! and what more if those articles above really happen in the future? unless those are just another internet meme! because some says that those articles are written after the fact (which might be true, because Baba Vanga is illiterate, or semi-illiterate, that's why she hadn't written her own book) well, who knows? only time can tell how accurate Baba Vanga is. pero sana naman huwag na umabot sa punto na hayaan munang magkagulo bago gumawa ng aksyon.

as a catholic, i do believe that NOBODY can tell the future. and i learned from Sir Ace before that believing in those astral stuffs is a sin! oh well, i'm no longer alive at that time anyway XD but as a human being, it's frightening to think that those things might really happen. gahhh, paranoia attacks me O__O

please let there be peace on earth ♥
i love you people. i love you God.


narealize ko ang pangit pala niya

hindi ko mapigilan sarili ko na iupload to~ ang pogi ni JD e! at ang ganda ng chx niya hahaha :D sabi ni madur eto daw gf ni JD bwahahah ganda ganda XD paano ba namang hindi gaganda e half-american half-korean yung tatay tapos yung nanay pure pinay. oha! gandang lahi wuhhh
ginawa ko to nung isang araw para kay jayson kasi narealize ko lagi ko siyang pinagtritripan sa facebook XD peace offering ko na to hahahaha

sakto naman kasing letter J yung primary photo niya kaya naisip kong gayahin sana yung logo ng naruto kasi mahilig siya sa anime na yun :D kaso fail ako. sa gradient pa lang nako! tsk. hindi ko talaga makuha yung kulay ng fonts e. tapos yung pink na oval sa likod, some tools lang ginamit ko dun hahahaha then yung katakana, "jay" talaga meaning nun XD buti na lang may japanese characters ako dito.

anyway, it's pure photoshop. walang copy paste. eww i don't like that.. sorry for the mistakes. i'm not a naruto fan. i don't even want to watch it.
dear Lord,

please take care of the people.
let there be peace on earth.



you don't feel lucky, do you? well, sorry. i can't do anything about that. but you can. all you have to do is leave. that's the easiest way :D
almost 10 hours ko na siguro ginagawa yung bagong layout ko para dito sa blog (including short breaks) pero hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa rin siya matapos-tapos T______T litong-lito na ko. natutuyo na utak ko kakaisip kung paano ko siya gagawin. para tuloy akong beginner sa css ngayon, kahit anong gawin kong pagbabasa sa codes hindi ko mafigure out kung paano ko siya gagawin. kung sa bagay, this is my first time ever to try slice tool~ madali lang sa photoshop. pero pagdating sa coding, it's really not that simple O____O

fuck you slice tool! give me this whole week! i'll be mastering you, bitch!


parang gusto ko na isuko tong pagaasikaso ng christmas celebration ng charism. para kasing ako lang ang interesado. ako lang ang nagoorganize. ako lang ang nagiinvite. ako lang ang nagplaplano. ako lang ang nageffort para matuloy to. AKO LANG. sige, sabihin niyo nang nagbubuhat ako ng sariling bangko.. pero ni isa ba sa kanila may tumulong sakin sa pagaasikaso nito? may nagooffer ba sakin na "gusto mo tulungan kita sa pagaaya sa kanila?" e kahit na nagmumukha akong gago kakamessage sa kanila isa-isa tapos hindi naman nagrereply, tinutuloy ko pa rin.

sinisiguro ko namang naiinform ko silang lahat in every possible way. tapos 10 lang ang magrereply sakin ng matino. yung iba pa dun kinulit ko muna bago tumino! tapos yung mga late makakapagreply, sasabihin nila hindi sila sure makakapunta kasi walang pera, kasi hindi papayagan, kasi hindi pwedeng gabihin, kasi busy, kasi may klase, kasi may exam, kasi may ibang lakad, kasi tinatamad, kasi ganito, kasi ganyan. puro kasi kasi kasi!! puro dahilan. hindi ko naman sinasabing sapilitan sila sumama, pero.. kung mababaw lang naman yung dahilan, hindi ba nila kayang gawan ng paraan para makasama???

- kung wala kang pera, wag ka sumali sa exchange gifts! pamasahe lang kailangan mo gastusan. siguro naman hindi ka manggagaling sa liblib na lugar kaya hindi lalampas ng 50php o 100php yung pamasahe mo diba? o kung sasabihin mong wala kang pera pamasahe, tangna pauutangin kita!

- kung bawal ka gabihin, e di kahit dumaan ka lang! magpakita ka lang samin, "hi charism, bye bye" tapos umalis ka na!! para lang malaman namin kung humihinga ka pa ba o patay ka na.

- kung iniisip mo hindi ka papayagan, gaano ba kahirap sabihin na "nay, tay.. pwede ba akong pumunta sa christmas party ng classmates ko nung 4th year. once a year lang kasi to mangyari kaya sana po payagan niyo na ko" nagagawa niyo ngang magliwaliw ng college classmates mo tapos yung isang araw hindi mo kayang ibigay sa highschool friends mo? oh come on!

- kung busy ka, sino bang hindi?! pare-pareho lang tayong busy! ako nga hindi nagaaral ngayon pero ang busy busy ko. kung sa anime nga may "busy" paano pa kaya in real life?!

- kung may klase ka sa araw na yun, edi pag uwi mo! bago ka umuwi sa inyo, dumaan ka muna dun. tapos umalis ka na rin agad kung gusto mo.

- kung may exam ka sa araw na yun, edi pag uwi mo rin! siguro naman wala ka ng exam kinabukasan dahil sunday na yun. kaya hindi mo pwede idahilan na magrereview ka pag uwi mo!

- kung may iba kang lakad, siguraduhin mong importante yan.

- kung tinatamad ka lang, TANGINA MO! yun lang masasabi ko.


kaya ko lang naman pinagtyatyagaan yung pagoorganize nito dahil sa mga salitang binitiwan ko kay shayne. dun ako nagkamali e. ininsist ko masyado na sana matuloy to. kaya umasa siya. kapag hindi ko to tinuloy, for sure magtatampo yun. at ako rin ang masisisi NUNG IBA kasi hindi ko inasikaso. mali rin ako dahil sinanay ko sila na ako ang taga-organize. lahat tuloy sila pumepetix na lang tapos inaasa lahat sakin. hay buhay. ginagawa ko lang naman to dahil gusto ko palagi kaming may bonding. pero kung wala lang din namang magcocooperate, e hindi bale na lang rin. SINUSUMPA KO, ITO NA ANG HULING BESES NA MAGOORGANIZE AKO SA LAKAD NG CHARISM.

maoffend na ang gusto maoffend. magtampo na ang gusto magtampo. magalit na ang gusto magalit. PAGOD NA KO SA PAGAASIKASO NITO KAYA WALA NA AKONG PANAHON SA ARGUMENTO. adios amigos.
namimiss ko yung dating ako. yung ako nung 2-4 years ago. konti lang yung mga kaibigan ko talaga dati, karamihan pa sa kanila nakilala ko lang online, pero nakakasiguro naman ako na naging totoo silang lahat sakin. unlike ngayon marami na akong bagong kaibigan pero hindi ko alam kung totoo ba sila.

pakiramdam ko ngayon nagiisa ako. kahit maraming kaibigan ang nakapaligid sakin, parang wala lang din naman sila. hindi ko maramdaman na special ako sa kanila. i'm just one of their important friends. that's all and nothing else. oo nandyan nga sila physically pero yung appreciation nila sakin wala. hindi ko naman nilalahat, but most of them are like that.

buti pa talaga dati, may mga nakakaappreciate sakin kahit hindi ko ineexpect. kahit pinagtatabuyan ko na, kahit wala akong pakialam, kahit niloloko ko lang, loyal pa rin sakin. pero ngayon, yung ineexpect kong makakaappreciate sakin dedma lang ako. ako na mismo ang nagpapapansin pero hindi pa rin nagiging proud para sakin. kung sa bagay, there's nothing special about me. gaya ng linya sakin ni kuh dati, i'm worthless to you.

hay bakit ba ang drama nitong post na to? tangina hahaha.
nagedit nga pala ulit ako nung isang araw. gusto ko lang kasi talaga palitan yung profile picture ko kaya minadali ko to.. no camera effects, ugly model (hindi pa ko naliligo nung shinoot ko yan XD), dark concept, not enough stocks/brushes, no inspiration, 8 months without practice.. in short = fail XD hahahah sana nga may magvolunteer na magmodel para sa photo manipulations ko T____T para at least bawi bawi naman kahit sa model lang ahahahaha

dun naman sa theme, hmm wala pa rin akong improvement XD tuwing nagiisip ako ng concept, laging pumapasok sa isip ko.. evil, darkness, death, macabre. kamustahin mo naman yun diba XD ahahahah kaya yung manipulations ko laging black and white (sometimes plus red) ang kulay. aishh..

next time na mageedit ako gusto ko naman maiba. dapat maging kulayful na! :D hindi ako mabubuhay sa dalawa o tatlong kulay lang~ gonna practice using different colors soon! woahh aja jiashi! ♥
kainis hindi ko man lang napanood si papa jack last week sa showtime. hmm napanood ko naman talaga, pero kahapon lang. hindi ko siya nakita magsample kasi walang sample sample pag saturday eviction day. ang nakakalungkot pa, isa siya sa naevict D: sabi pa naman niya nung friday night, kakain daw siya ng apoy sa sample niya kapag umabot siya ng second week XD ahahahaha ang tatanga kasi nung madlang people na bumoto kay papa jack. siguro hindi nila kilala kung sino talaga si papa jack on air at wala silang idea kung gaano kaawesome na nilalang si papa jack :D

...pero mas nalungkot ako sa message sa kanya ni vice ganda.
kung makapanglait si vice ganda akala mo siya walang flaws~ alam ko naman talaga na walang pakundangan magsalita si vice at lagi niyang ginagawang katawa-tawa yung ibang tao. okay let's say it's just his/her/its way of making fun of papa jack, pero kung pagiisipan mong mabuti yung mensahe niya, obviously, ayaw talaga niya si papa jack sa showtime.

gaya nga ng sinabi ni ceylon ching, "i think vice is threated by Papa Jack's overwhelming popularity.." hindi niya yun sinabi dahil kaibigan niya si papa jack at gusto niya idefend~ opinyon niya yon bilang isang tv viewer na may napansing mali sa napanood niya. pati yung supporters/listeners ni papa jack, hindi natuwa sa message ni vice sa kanya. and even me, i was disappointed.

vice ganda is full of insecurities in life. natatakot siya na baka mahigitan siya ni papa jack o ng kahit na sino. si vice yung tipo ng tao/kabayo na hindi magtatagal sa ere. babagsak din siya eventually. unlike papa jack, inspite of everything, he remained so humble. and that's so him. even though he's already on top, he's still down to earth. kaya hindi na siya dapat magpaapekto dito dahil malayo na ang narating niya at malayong malayo pa ang mararating niya. hindi lang isang inggiterang kabayo ang makakapagpabagsak sa kanya :D

buti pa nga yung sinabi ni anne curtis in behalf of showtime family, may sense. oh well, let's just accept the fact that showbiz is composed of fake people. and papa jack is true enough to himself that's why he doesn't belong there. dapat talaga on air na lang siya, at least wala siyang kaagaw :D he's still the best.
magiisang linggo na pala ako walang update T_______T wahh this is bad.



...ngayon ko lang napansin na naaalala ko si kuh kay JQ. some reasons i don't know XD basta parang may similarities sila~


i bet rocky also thinks what i think :D she's a good example of a pathetic fangirl~


sa wakaaaaaaassss! after 8 months may photoshop na ulit ako XD salamat sa link na binigay ni hakurei~ failed ako nung isang araw sa sims 2 pero ayos lang. masaya na ko ngayon dito sa cs5 ko bwahahahahah may halong kaba pa ako kanina habang nagiinstall e XD ilang beses na ko nagattempt maglagay ng photoshop dito sa laptop ni madur kaso fail lagi T^T buti na lang talaga nakapaglagay na ko ngayon :D

here's my first photo manipulation with ps cs5~o walang laitan ng edit ahahahah! ang dumi ng pagkakagawa ko shet -____- not enough stocks. walang magandang picture. 8 months no practice. i need an inspiration. hahahah reasons XD sayang kung hindi sana kami nagaway kanina, sa kanya ako hihingi ng advice D: first manipulation ko pa naman to tapos wala. haaays.

oh well. i was just trying to make my hair longer.. and i failed hahahaha nilagyan ko na lang ng basic effects para hindi masyadong obvious ahahahah

magprapractice pa ko :D


sorry for not telling you what's wrong. sorry for making you wonder what's going on with me. sorry for not sharing to you the things that bothers me right now. sorry for making you worry. sorry for acting like this. sorry for my imaturity sometimes. sorry for everything.

gahhh i know sorry isn't enough. pero sorry talaga jep T______T


so yeah, after sharing some stuffs to earl, i learned that we're just under the same sky. pareho lang kami ng point of view. someone's too good for somebody. things like that. sabi niya, pag pinatuloy ko yung balak ko, may masasaktan. kaya mas mabuting huwag na lang. pero hindi ko pa rin talaga alam kung ano gagawin ko D:

hmm kahit hindi masyado pinapansin ni earl yung issue ko, alam ko nakakarelate siya sakin XD kaya kahit paano nababawasan yung bigat. yehesss naman nakahanap ako ng kakampi bwahahahah pero kailangan ko pa rin ng talagang makakapagpagaan ng pakiramdam ko D:
be fooled with these smileys


nakakalungkot isipin na nagbloblog lang ako kapag malungkot ako. yan nakakalungkot ulit. goodnight na nga. tomorrow would be different :D so smile.
cure for guilt.

you're too good for me.

hard to accept it.

you won't gain anything.

no reason for you to stay.

please leave.

don't turn back.


i'm so labo.

"but if you believe that you belong with her
promise me, you won't let anyone hurt you."

aish i can't get this line out of my head~ one of the heart-breaking songs i've ever heard! sana kabisado ko rin yung korean lyrics D:


ang swerte ko talaga sa number 1 or 11 aishhhh.

anyway, hindi ko na matapos-tapos yung personal taste dahil sa laro na to D: i really suck at multi-tasking.
birthday ni jaye ngayon (happy birthday!) kaso hindi ako nakapunta sa bahay nila D: nag-gm pa naman siya last week. sabi niya magtatampo daw siya sa hindi pupunta aww. kasi naman e wala akong makakasama T____T baka mamaya puro inom inom dun nako. tapos si dan hindi rin yata pumunta.

anyway, birthday din pala ni dan nung isang araw. (belated!) kaso the next day ko lang siya nabati D: nakalimutan ko yung birthday niya e. tsk tsk. pero balak ko bigyan si dan ng gift. nakakatuwa kasi si dan :D naalala ko lang dati nung magkablock pa kami, madalas siya bumibili ng gifts para sa mga kaibigan niya nung highschool. o kaya kahit sinong friend niya. nagpapatulong siya magisip o maghanap ng pwede ibigay. hindi mo maiisip na yung napakalaking tao na siga siga e thoughtful pala pagdating sa mga kaibigan :D basta marami pa akong naencounter kay dan na proof sa pagiging generous niya. this time, siya naman dapat ang makareceive.

pero hindi pa ako sure kung ano ibibigay ko. ewan ko nga kung makakahabol pa ko. just in case na masyado ng late, baka babawi na lang ako sa christmas. hindi ako nanghihinayang magbigay sa kanya kasi siya yung pinaka naging kaclose ko sa first year first sem ko :DDD at isa pa, he deserves to be given kasi mabait talaga siya~ kesa naman sayangin ko yung pera for some selfish stuffs and creatures. diba?
aww bakit ganon?? bakit?! why oh why? why the hell is it so destructive? aish i'm so upset right now.. i'm losing my CON-FI-DENCE T____T

after three years of staying away from "those kind" of songs, now i find myself listening to them again. "it ends tonight" never fails making me sadder whenever i'm sad, yet i keep on listening to it O: not just because it's one of my favorite songs.. but maybe as i keep on getting sadder and sadder while listening to it, i didn't notice that i'm already feeling better. that's a good thing after all. thank you laslas songs XD i know you're the only one who can help me. but don't carry me away anymore wooohh~

so now, i'll start chasing for my self-esteem again. please come back to me.


tamang reminisce lang..

pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:46:27 PM): yun nakakabwisit sa college. nakasalalay sa ugali ng prof mo yung grade mo
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:46:47 PM): unlike sa highschool, may record lahat
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:47:00 PM): kya nga
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:47:03 PM): pnka mngda tlga ang highschool life
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:47:17 PM): namiss ko tuloy.
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:47:26 PM): owu nga ee
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:47:27 PM): alam mo ba nasakin pa yung blue folder
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:47:39 PM): sabi ko kasi itretreasure ko yun hahahah
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:47:41 PM): alin? ung sa grad
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:47:51 PM): oo yung kay mamu
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:47:52 PM): hahaha owu nga
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:47:59 PM): skin wla na
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:48:10 PM): tae un c mamu
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:48:11 PM): siguro nung nagprapractice pa lang winala mo na
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:48:12 PM): nkaka miss tlga pag ngagalit
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:48:20 PM): minsan ambaet baet
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:48:27 PM): takte yun pinaka magulong nilalang
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:48:29 PM): minsan gsto ko sya nkkta ngagalit ntatawa ako
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:48:30 PM): hindi mo maintindihan
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:48:43 PM): sira ulo ka e tinatawanan mo pa
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:48:46 PM): ntatwa ako ee
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:48:50 PM): lalo n ung nag kakagulo dun s cls picture
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:48:57 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHAH
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:48:59 PM): natawa ko tae
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:49:07 PM): oo naalala ko yun
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:49:09 PM): teka ako muna
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:49:12 PM): e2 sbe nia dun s class picture
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:49:13 PM): ahahahahahahhha
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:49:24 PM): bkit daw may dumi
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:49:31 PM): e cap ni jd un, sa ek
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:49:33 PM): AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:49:34 PM): hahahhaha bkit daw may dumi
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:49:39 PM): takte ipriprintscreen ko to wait
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:49:43 PM): naasar sya
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:49:43 PM): sbe nia cnu daw nag dumi nito
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:50:03 PM): twa ako ng twa tlga nun
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:50:07 PM): tae yan si mam
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:50:15 PM): hahahhahahahahahaa oo tapos nung pinapaliwanag sa kanya, at narealize niya na hat talaga yun, gumawa na lang siya ng sarili niyang galit
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:50:16 PM): tpos nkikipag kumpitensya stin
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:50:25 PM): naggalit galitan para makalimutan na lang
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:50:37 PM): kasi nga diba nagkaingay sa room
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:50:38 PM): ahahhaha owu ililipat s iba ung glit
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:50:44 PM): oo hahahaha binabaling sa ibang issue
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:50:51 PM): minsan si melvin nkkta nun ee
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:50:58 PM): ngugulat n lng c melvz
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:51:03 PM): hahahaha si zumaraga
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:51:09 PM): takte
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:51:13 PM): fav. sbhin ni melvz
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:51:21 PM): hala!! ako?! bkit ako?!
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:51:23 PM): hahaha tpos tatawa
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:51:30 PM): oo line ni baby jade
pusa hahahaha (11/6/2010 10:51:38 PM): wait hahahaha
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:51:39 PM): hahhaha
jeff_evan_06 (11/6/2010 10:51:42 PM): cge cge

sa totoo lang, masaya naman talaga ako e..

kaso may mga pagkakataon lang na nadidisappoint ako kaya tuloy natuturn off ako O:
nagring yung phone. sinagot ko.

jiashi: hello?
caller: hello divina?
jiashi: ha sino to?
caller: si tito monching to.
jiashi: wrong number po kayo.
caller: ay sorry.

pagbaba ko ng phone. tinanong ni ate kung sino yung tumawag, sabi ko wrong number lang. tapos nagring ulit. sabi ni ate baka yun daw ulit yung tumatawag. tapos inutusan ko si ej sabi ko "ej answer the phone, that's tito monching" tapos sinagot niya nga. sabi niya "hello tito monching?"

hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha what the hell.


i know she's only joking.. pero sino ba namang pilipino matutuwa sa ganito diba?! cinompare niya yung english accent ng mga pilipino sa western countries na english talaga ang primary language. hindi niya lang kinumpara, ininsulto pa niya.

but come to think of this.. if filipinos aren't good in english, why do koreans keep on visiting the philippines to study english? at isa pa, maraming korean artists ang hindi marunong magenglish! tsk tsk.

anyway, si lee da hae yung gumanap na jasmine sa my girl.


GAME OVER! waaaaaaaahahahahaha katatapos ko lang sa episode 10.. pwede bang puro episode 10 na lang lagi? ahahahah mamamatay na ako sa sobrang excitement sa scene na to shet! iba yung pagkakakilala ko sa kanya as goo jun pyo dati kaya nabigla ako sa kissing scene na to hahahaha!

sa totoo lang, parang frozen yung ngiti ko ngayon dito haha masyado akong kinikilig XD feeling ko nga ngayon parang never been kissed pa ako e!! hahaha naiimagine ko pa tuloy ang sarili ko na kinikiss si lee min ho ng ganto nyahahahahahahahahahhahaha shit talaga!!!

ohh jin-ho ssi, kiss me that way too if you dare ♥ hahaha i'm such a pervert XD
oo na sige, kinilig ako sa part na to! hahahahahahaha :D
okay pinapanood ko ngayon yung pesonal taste :D ang dami na nagsusuggest nito sakin dati pa pero hindi ko pinapanood. jun pyo - jan di tandem lang kasi ang gusto ko talaga. at ayokong makita si lee minho na may ibang partner XD pero eto pinapanood ko na siya ngayon.. reasons are: leading man si lee minho dun, gusto ko na yun tapusin bago pa ipalabas sa channel 2, at dahil lang bored ako ngayon.second day ko na ngayon pero nasa episode 10 pa lang ako. hindi ko siya minarathon unlike boys over flowers! tinapos ko yun lahat ng 25 (or 26 ba?) episodes in just two days! hahahahaha kaya nga ang lakas ng impact sakin nung series na yun e! well nagagandahan din naman ako sa personal taste, sadyang mas mahal ko lang talaga yung boys over flowers :D

hmm naalala ko pala dati, sabi ko dati nung early episodes ng boys over flowers, ampopogi nung f4 tapos yung babaeng bida ampanget! pero nung tumagal, dun ko na naappreciate si jan di :D same thing with personal taste. sabi ko pa kahapon ampanget ni kae-in. pero ngayon gusto ko na din siya para kay minho :D

although hindi ko pa tinatapos agad yung personal taste, it doesn't mean hindi ko siya nagustuhan. sobrang cute kaya ng story nito!! and guess what? eto pa lang yung korean romantic comedy series na nakakapagpaiyak sakin lagi T^T sa boys over flowers twice lang yata ako umiyak dun e (nung nasa macau sila at nung naaksidente si jun pyo XD) pero dito sa personal taste every episode yata naiiyak ako D: i don't know. there's really something special about this series na hindi ko maexplain kung ano.

haaay. 6 more episodes to go and the fun stops! D:
belated happy halloween everyone! haha pasensya na uber late na XD
aww blog. ayoko na magsorry ulit kasi lagi na lang akong nakakalimot sa pagupdate sayo. paulit-ulit na lang. siguro kaya lang ako nakakalimot dahil masyadong maraming masasayang pangyayari sa buhay ko nitong huli :D sa sobrang saya ko hindi ko maipaliwanag by words. basta masaya. yun na yon. siguro pag sinipag na ako, ikwekwento ko na lang isa isa.

pero sa ngayon, eto yung parang pinakahighlight: gumaganda yung relation between me and my family. mas nagiging malapit yung loob ko sa kanila ngayon (kahit malayo si madur ngayon D:) siguro hindi to big deal sa kanila. pero para sakin oo. kaya siguro kami nagiging malapit e dahil sa current issue sa tatay ko. kumbaga siya ang main attraction ngayon dito kaya sa kanya kami lahat nakafocus. hindi tuloy napapansin yung mga maliliit na bagay na ginagawa ko. but it's not like i'm taking advantage! actually, ayoko na rin gumawa ng mga bagay na ikakagalit nila. i'm trying to act more mature than before. i'm starting to reach them out. i'm to build better relationship with them. dahil kahit paano, sa paraan na to, posibleng maibalik ko yung tiwalang nasira ko dati. at kapag nangyari yun, everything follows :D

i'm already 17 today. i think 4 years of misbehavior is enough. next year i'll be 18. no time for being a rebel. i gotta be more mature or else walang mangyayari sa buhay ko.

jiashi fighting! ^w^