you might be surprised when i say that i want to watch a horror movie today.. everybody knows how coward i am when it comes to these stuffs XD for sure, i'm just going to spend the whole time covering my eyes until i fell asleep ahahahah but now, i really feel like watching ghosts films. seriously! so i looked for random horror movies over the internet and it gave me these:
Survival of the Dead
Night of the Demons
La Horde
Fading of the Cries
The Last Exorcism
The Blair Witch Project
A Nightmare on Elm Street
30 Days of Night

okay so.. google gave me a couple of lists but those i posted above are my top 10. well, i think i have to start with Martyrs and The Last Exorcism :D

but hey, i didn't say that i'm going to watch it alone! -____- omfg i would really die! ahahah maybe i'm going to watch it with Jep and/or Booh! honestly, we always plan of having a movie marathon but we never make it into reality XD walang place e T___T if only i could let Jep visit my house..... hmmmmm :D alam na! ahahahah