few minutes ago, while i was surfing the net, i accidentally saw this..

..TRAILER OF SAW IN MOTHEREFFIN 3D!! :DDDD damn, my excitement just reached its zenith after watching this! XD ahahahahah i tried looking for it on wikipedia.. and it says that it will be released on October! efffff, i can't effin wait!!!

i'm really not fond of watching disturbing movies simply because i'm a scaredy cat! gore is not included! in fact i like gory films :D ayoko lang nung sobrang horror at thrilling! yung mga nakakapraning -____- but i can say that i'm a huuuuuuge fan of Saw series! :D it's different from all the other movies (in general~ scary or not) i've seen! every single thing about this movie amazes me! the story, the flow, the characters, the casting, the effects, the traps, the prosthetics, everything! i really like John Kramer as well as his way of thinking. effin smartass! ♥

it's my favorite movie ever! that's why it's kind of disappointing to know that this Saw 3D would be the final film in the series T________T yes, it would be the last. this is the second time that Saw made me sad.. the first one was when John Kramer died T___T

anyway, i'm looking forward to watching this film on October! this will surely be an awesome endgame :D i'm going to miss your games John Kramer! ♥