when we decided to be together again, i promised to myself that i will try hard to make this relationship work. and i will never ever call for a break up again just because of nonsense reasons. and now, i feel like i really have changed... for the better :D i'm more concerned about him now, i'm afraid to lose him and when i think about him, i only think of positive things.

ganito pala feeling pag hindi ka nagtatago ng feelings mo. dati kasi takot ako na gumawa ng isang bagay especially when i think of possible negative outcomes. i didn't even notice that i can be happy when i do those things. all i think about is my safety, not my happiness. without knowing that i'm already hurting him. so selfish and immature. but now, i'm sure that i really want to change. all i want is to be happy. and to make him happy.

i don't know if he can notice my sudden change, but now i still haven't given my full effort ahahahah i'm planning to give him something... i don't know if he'd like it. but whether he likes it or not, he should accept it! and if he doesn't, i'm going to cut his limbs! and his... bwahahahahahahah it's going to be my peace offering :3