dear mr. nice guy,

now that i finally gave you my blog URL, i hope you won't get mad in case you read some *insert negative adjectives here.. i can't find my words* posts, rants and other shits. most of my old entries are too emotional to death. and i feel a little ashamed when somebody reads it. especially if it's you.

the primary reason why i let you read my blog is because our relationship now is much more (how should i say this???) uhh.. intense (?) i don't know if that's the right word but.. what i'm trying to point out is.. we're now better than ever. and i think there's no more reason for me to hide things from you. you're too open with me and i just want to return the favor.

you've changed a lot. i myself have changed too. and it's all and only for the better. or even best! :D we can now understand each other even without trying. we both got a lot of patience which helps to avoid arguments. thanks for not leaving me. i feel so stupid when i tried to push you away before. but i feel really grateful right now because you stayed with me. i became more open-minded today, it's because of you. i no longer feel alone because i know you're always there to support me whether i need you or not. you really have brought out the best in me.

thank you for the respect~ that's what i love in you most! :D and please never stop being sweet with me even after all the things we've been through. i love it when you can still make me feel kilig even after all these months! ♥ frankly, i'm willing to give you anything, including you-know-what-i'm-talking-about, just to give you assurance that i will never ever leave you again. but it's not about the desire to experience.. it's because of the deep love that i feel for you. time will eventually come :D

please promise me that we'll hold on tight always. no matter how hard the situation is. until everything becomes easy again. always be strong and optimistic especially during the worst moments. i'm dead serious with our relationship now. and i no longer see myself being with some other guy. all i want is to be with you for the rest of my life.

if someone tries to get you away from me, i will kill her. if somebody wants us to be torn apart, i will kill him/her. but if you want to break up with me because of someone else, i will not kill you, torture you or be harsh on you :D instead, i will do everything just to win you back. and i will never stop bothering you until i completely regain your love. i swear.

i love you more than yesterday. and i'll love you more tomorrow.