it feels like i'm starting to lose my focus in life. i really don't know my priorities as of now, but i'm pretty sure that lovelife is not on the top. honestly, right now i'm thinking.. what if i'm going to set him aside for a while? i don't want to have guilt in the end just because i wasn't able to be a good girlfriend to him. although he's not asking me such things directly, i can still feel it. as a girlfriend, i have failed to give him his needs. and whether it's just okay for him or not, my conscience still bothers me. that's the reason why i'm confused right now! i know he's expecting something from but i just ended up failing him.

i've been experiencing complicated things right now that i didn't even thought they would happen to me. and the funny thing there is.. we made it through! and i was glad :D and i think those things are enough to be the reason why we should give each other our own times and spaces. it's all there, i mean it's all given, we already have proven that we're willing to do anything just to keep this relationship going. and i think it's time for us to take things easy. i know he's always ready to talk about anything, including this, but i just want to rest. not in peace~ ahahahah just sort of slowing down a little bit.. that's all i need.

fow now, i'll just give my full attention on how will i earn money to supply my wants.. myself first before anything else.