my very first day in college was boring! because of that orientation!! why the hell did they set up a really nice environment? i almost fell asleep! if only i already got close friends i would really sleep! -___- well, at least i already knew most of my classmates. but guess what? we were just less than 15 a while ago in fil 1~

anyway, i almost died because of boredom a while ago, but thank God somebody rescued me! ahahahah yeah! her name is katrina. she's the one who approached me first :D she's really nice and i like her! hopefully, we will be classmates again in some other subjects.

the 3rd year nursing guy, he's funny and i like him too :D too bad, he was assigned in the wrong class. i wish he will be my classmate again.

the bautista guy, oh i forgot his first name. he sat next to me. but when katrina approached me, she asked me to transfer beside her.

the black lady from florida, she's a lot lot older than us! but she seems nice! although she sound a little bit bitchy when she talked to the instructor. actually, in the states that was just their normal way of talking to others. it's just that, we filipinos are used to be very polite when talking to people.

the guy at the back, who picked me to be his partner for the activity! well, i still don't know him yet! because the pt students are asked to go to AMS auditorium for orientation when we are about to start the activity. 5 students were left so the instructor decided not to continue with the activity. maybe next week :D

the pt guy, i forgot to ask his name! but we will be classmates for the rest of the semester. once i saw him again, i'll make sure that i will be the one to approach him! he seems to be very shy so i'll do the first move.

yeah, those two ladies, i was with them when i attended the orientation. but honestly, i don't like them. retouching every minute. talking too much. flings. dating random people. smoking. total turn off.

actually, my male classmates looks a lot nicer than my female classmates. i want to join them a while ago, but i suck at making friends ahahahah! well, i really like my other classmates... just except for the two ladies! unfortunately, one of them will also be my classmate in all our subjects! and the other is like her closest friend so they will surely be together always.

but that was just my first day anyway.. i'm looking forward to meet a lot new people on wednesday. much better people than those two. i'd rather wish to stay at home for the rest of the year than to be friends with them. i feel like we won't get along well. and i know they feel that too.

you did well this day, nekowaii.
good luck on wednesday.
and have a rest tomorrow.

oh, i love my schedule! ♥