did you know that john kramer never asked his victims to kill themselves? he just made them choose if they're going to do it or not. that's why he always say, "live or die, make your choice" it's their choice if they're going to fight for living.. or die without trying. if they died, jigsaw isn't the one who killed them, they did. he's just testing how long they're willing to wait, how much they're going to give and how strong are they to face the consequences in exchange for being able to live longer. but after all, jigsaw still isn't the good guy. because in the first place, he's not in the right position to do that to them. although he didn't kill them directly, he's still the one who handed them the tools they can use to kill themselves.

i hope i was making sense. hmm.

somehow, what i did was just the same. i gave you all the reasons why we should break up. and unfortunately, you're the one who let go first. but still, it was my fault.