- as much as possible, try to walk! because every cent counts! bwahahaha and it's also a good form of exercise.. just like what your father said hahahah

- ask for 50 php load.. everyday! so you can have at least 50 php each day! but of course, you're not going to use that 50 php~

- don't buy anything you don't really need. so far, it's one of the best ways to conserve money!

- avoid temptations! *nom nom nom* yeah.. FOOD o___o what you can see inside the fridge, that's it!

- if you want to buy something, ask your mother to go with you~ so someone's going to take care of the expenses! she can never say NO! :D

- buy and sell, online shopping, business baby!

- go to the store and help them!! if you have to work for them, do it! at the end of the day, i'm sure they're going to return the favor! bwahahahahah

...uhh what else?