dear mr. nice guy,

no matter how hard i try pretending that everything's doing fine, my fear still bothers me. because i know, no matter what happens, i can't avoid the fact that i'll be facing those consequences sooner or later. and i can do nothing about it but to accept it.

but somehow, i can feel the pain slowly ease as you prove to me that you're willing to stay with me, comfort me, cheer me up and make me feel better inspite of these trials. you still love me after all. even though i'm not fond of telling you that i love you back, i know i'm able to make you feel it in a way.

you know, i'm a little bit afraid right now that you might get tired and just give me up anytime today. so here's a favor, when the time comes that you already want to leave me for some other girl, please let me know. and please introduce her to me. so i would have an idea whose face i'd be destroying :D no, i'm serious.

uhh, if you're going to ask me, what if i'm the one who might cheat on you, here's the only thing i would do.. i would kill anyone who caught my attention :3 but don't worry, that won't really happen. because in the first place, i won't let myself fall for anybody else. i'd rather die! and this time, i really mean it.

by the way, do you remember our conversation after the incident? i noticed that you were much more mature than before. you already learned how to handle a relationship well. i was glad that you got my point when i told you that these are just challenges. you also added that these challenges are trying to test us how far can we go just to keep this relationship going.

i feel so lucky having me as your girlfriend. your first and last :D thank you so much for the love, trust, patience and everything! i promise to return you the favor. i never believed in forever so i would just love you until my last breath. i would never ever let anyone take you away from me. if someone does, i'm willing to bury him/her alive bwahahahah

arigato & aishiteru :D