so you guys are not done yet with my friend?

okay heres for you.

i must say that you are very lucky because my friend is not interested in any kind of conflicts. thats why you dont have to worry anymore~ because she will not be giving a damn about your childish rants and spiels. in other words (and just like what she said) she wont stoop down to your level :D

i know i should not be engaging myself into your own arguments~ but how can i let this pass when im seeing people who are trying to make fun of my friend? lalo na at wala naman siyang ginagawang masama sa mga taong yun.

now let me ask you this, has she ever done anything offensive to any of you to make you judge her as easy as that? if so, please tell me what she did to you and i will be the one to say sorry. but if she didnt, then why cant you just leave her alone? one of you dont even know her personally, does she? oh wait, maybe you... umm, ENVY HER THAT MUCH? :D :D :D whoa i know, right? :D nyahahahahhahahhhahahahahah

another thing, just a bit of information for birdbrained people out there, there is BIG difference between "bashing" and "giving opinions". what my friend did or said was basically just sort of "expressing her opinions and ideas" (talk to me if you need proofs and explanations!) and what you did to her, i think that is the "bashing" you were talking about. i saw the way you talk to my friend, and based on what i read, it seems that some of you were trying so hard to sound like they know everything. do you think she is amazed already? then think again :D

and to you-know-who-you-are, all this time i never thought that you were that FAKE, my goodness! i really feel awful for you as well as your friends who share the same attitude as you. now i know the reason behind the quarrel issues i heard before between you and some of you friends. and you know what? you disappointed me. because i really didnt expect that you can do those kind of illiterate deeds.

but since we all used to be friends naman (except dun sa IBA *cough*) let me share a tip to you guys~ sa susunod na makuusap kayo ng mga kaibigan mo ng hindi magandang bagay tungkol isang tao, its better to keep it a secret na lang. you dont have to tell everyone, especially that person, na pinakuusapan niyo siya ng masama~ its like youre proud making fun of others. and if you really do, then youre just showing how uneducated you are. talking things against somebody? wuhhh thats so immature, isnt it? masyadong unsophisticated tignan sa part niyo yun. nakakababa yan mga pre~ para kayong walang breeding! tsk tsk! bang bang shot dead! XD ahahahhahahaha

now if you still have any problems with my friend, talk to her na lang. mahirap kasi maktanim ng galit sa taong wala namang ginagawang masama sayo diba? wala kang pakhuhugutan mo ng sama ng loob sa kanya kasi ikaw lang tong nakpapakabitter! wooo! it would be nice if you end this controversy peacefully! :D yay! para namang hindi tayo naging magkakaklase nyan dati! hahahahhaahah humayo kayo at magparami! ♥ spread peace please?

if you find this degrading or offending, i dont have any intentions like that. i just want you to realize that what you did to my friend was not right. as much as possible, i want you to apologize to her. pero as if namang gagawin niyo yun ng ganun ganun lang diba? of course i know you WONT and you CANT~ so just nevermind that hahahah hmm i just wanted to say, in behalf of my friend, i find it offending. you keep on talking things against her. tell me who wont get offended by that? tsk.

and now, to my amazing friend~ i am always here for you no matter what! (naiyak pa ko hahahah) kahit hindi ako makarelate sa current craze mo at sa tunay na punot dulo ng kaguluhang ito, you can still (and always!) count on me! as well as booh and ikay :D at ishashare ko lang pala yung nabasa ko nga pala sa bulletin board ng (if im not mistaken) fortitude, "criticisms are praises turned upside down..." basta something like that~ so be glad :D

♥ ♥ ♥