dear mr. nice guy,

its been a while since the last time i mentioned you in my blog. if im not mistaken that was way back in my greenlemonlime days? or not? well this time, i am welcoming you to my secret blog :D

you have no idea about this private blog of mine. and i have this entry about you.

you see, i think i already love you. much.

but theres still some portion in the back of my mind asking myself if i am already sure with you. well of course i think i am~ thats the reason why i answered YES. and i do not regret it. in fact, i am glad. really. because at that moment, i feel loved. again. i felt that youre starting to fill the emptiness in me.

youre also asking me, of all our classmates, why you? uhh i also dont know. but im pretty sure that its not because of your appearance. im saying this because for me, you are good looking. (i said "for me" kaya sa paningin ko lang yun! wahahahahha ewan ko na lang sa iba! malabo na kasi mata ko kaya nga naksasalamin na ko e wahahahahha jok lang) in other words, im not just after with your looks, but with your personality.

maybe its the way you move, the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you crack jokes, the way you act, the way you carry yourself, youre so soft yet so masculine, and that makes you... hmm much handsome and attractive for me.

or maybe its because of your family background (i really adore your family!), your attitudes (youre too nice for me! minus the asaran and basagan moments~ the nice guy codename suits you well!), your do's and dont's (you surely know the difference between right and wrong~ and youre choosing to do the wrong one. wahahahahah just kidding! mukhang mas matino ka pa nga kesa sakin e XD)

or maybe its because of your sense of humor, although were not sharing the same level of sense of humor, we can still get along well. maybe its because of your smell... your smell that turns me on! ahahahahah i easily get attracted to guys who smells good (well who doesnt?) sakto pa naman pareho tayo ng tipo ng scent! (oh yes i use men's perfume!) ambango mo talaga pare. wahahahahahah

or maybe all of what is said above :D


gusto kita.


i just hate the possibility that you might be too good for me. mababa pa naman self-esteem ko. wuhh

cheer me up, please?


p.s. pumasok ka sa monday para magulpi kita!