Mi Nyu : Oh, how pretty! There are so many stars!
Tae Kyung: I can barely see you here, do you think I can see the stars?
Mi Nyu : Then, can you see the moon?
Tae Kyung: It's over there.
Mi Nyu : The only star that you can see is the moon.
Tae Kyung: The moon is not a star.
Mi Nyu : The brightest thing at night is not a star?
Tae Kyung: It's only reflecting the light of other planets. Only something like the sun that emits its own light is a star. It's shining using the light of other stars.
Mi Nyu : Even if it is using the light of other stars, the moon has its use. More than the wasteful light emitted by the sun in the day, isn't the moon lighting the way in the dark more useful?
Tae Kyung: Shh, the reason why the day is bright is because of that useless sun.
Mi Nyu : Ah, that's right.
Tae Kyung: Night or day, the sun is the star.
Mi Nyu : Then I must be something like a moon using the light of a star like you.
Tae Kyung: But a moon is not completely useless. No matter how many other stars there at night, the only thing I see is the moon.
awww i love this part! ♥ may good side pala ang night blindness ni tae kyung! hahaha.