i realized that i want to have super powers! like power rangers! (im green ranger! XD peborit ko kase green! and white too :3 chaka lalake naman ako e im a male in a females body XD nyahahahh) yey im a fan of power rangers! mighty morphin ninja turtles! joke wahahahh power rangers! XD XD if not power rangers, peter petrelli of heroes would be nice too :D i want to be as powerful as him (sugapa sa powers ampota wahahahahah)

i really want to be a super hero! someone who can kill, burn and destroy! oh yeah!! :D i will burn my enemies! i will cut their bodies into half! then i will put vinegar to their wounds :D :D killing is not exciting without torture yay~ i want to have lotsa slaves! and they will be worshipping me like an animal :3 and i, i will judge their lives! isnt it cool? i think this is a hundred percent awesome! :D

most super heroes can fly.. and i want to have that power too :D i want to fly!! fly like a penguin hoorraa! (wait penguins cant fly right?) umm i will fly like a flying ipis! :D i will spread my wings and fly fly fly~ i think its cool! da pak! i really cant wait to be a super hero :3 once i am already like peter petrelli, i can absorb hiro nakamura's abilitiy :D i want to have that teleport thing! less bayad, mahal ang lrt! OwO err

a superhero SAVES! for example, the addicts.. they need drugs, ill give them drugs! :D the kidnappers needs kids, ill give them kids :D people should not always think about themselves only. they should also think about the needs of others okii? addicts are not bad. you guys shouldnt judge them. they are just people who needs attention and love. and drugs give them love and attention. so why not give it to them? drugs is not bad. not unless youll overprice it! the addicts' minds blacken because of it! and they forget eveything.. tsk tsk now you know the reason why their minds blacken. its because of the overpricing. evil merchants!

senior citizens and students should get discounts too! except on weekends and holidays! and oh before i forget.. no id no discount :3 okii? so always bring your id~ i hate students who always come to school without their id! tapos puro lame excuses naman binibigay meh gulay (lagi kase nakasuot un id ko saken ;D kahit nga natutulog ako nakaid pa rin ako e wahahahah) i also hate some jeepney drivers~ is it necessary to tell the driver kun studyante ka or what everytime makbabayad ka? kahit nakita nang nakauniform ka na itatanonong pa sayo kun studyante! leche wala ba kayong mga mata ha!? un iba nga sinasadyang kulang un ibibigay na sukli kunware pang di alam na studyante! tapos pak sinabi mo sa kanyang "manong kulang un sukli" sasagot sayo "ah studyante ba?" playing safe pa kunware e obyuss naman na nandudugas lang cha XD e kun ganyan lang rin kayo wak na kayo makdrive! baka sa lahat ng bagay kelangan nyo pa rin itanong meh gulayness! looooosers :3 wahahahahh

mukhang meh balak pa ko maging anti stupid puj drivers dito ah? naman! tsk back to the main topic na nga.. umm i will destroy the companies who overprices drugs! for they are EVIL! and evil should be destroyed! and schools too! i will destroy them all! because they just destroy out future. they dont want us to be hustlers in games! they didnt think about the best dota player in the world! lots of of youngsters want to be the best but the school banned these kind of stuffs! what an evil thing! bad bad bad!!

superheroes have powers.. so i can be like the president of the philippines right? i will be implementing ten children policy! a family should have ten children in nine years. if they didnt follow the rule, they will be killed! all of them! for example, its been eight years yet they only have seven kids, all of them will be killed. their whole family! pets are included so beware evil animals ahohoh~

oh yeah.. i remember the bible said "blessed are the weary" one good example of the weary are the drug addicts. they should be blessed. ohh how sweet dont you think? meh gawd! im too excited to be a superhero!


ps: nakbebenta ako ng drugs! especially amphetamines :3 ecstasy pills are also available~ bili kayo tapos ipapakulong ko kayo! kun ayaw nyong makulong you should pay meh ;p wahahahahh message me na if youre interested XD

and please please wak nyo isipin na eto epekto ng mafia wars at heroes saken XD sadyang optimistic lang talaga ko wahahahah dapat kayo rin :3 :3