there she is by sambakza~

this is kool! :D i guess 2007 ko to unang napanood~ pero kagabi ko lang napanood un final part. i can relate to its story :D the cute bunny(doki) fell in love with the normal individual who happens to be a cat(nabi)! wutta effin? OwO

i dunno how the bunny fell in love with the cat /hmm basta sa part one "there she is", they were both standing infront of a vending machine. the bunny picked her carrot juice up and she saw the cat then na star struck na cha! XD wahahahh tapos simula nun hinabol habol na nya un cat anywhere he goes :3

the bunny always stick to the cat thats why the cat was always frightened ;p cause in their world, a cat and a bunny shouldnt be involved in love relationships. the cat explained that to the bunny pero ewan ko dun sa bunneh pero ayaw talaga makpapigil! ;p un cat naman ayaw nya kasi nga against the rule~ and they will become the talk of the town if ever naging sila. even worse pinandirian sila tsk tsk. kumbaga parang sa real world, di pde un boy to boy or girl to girl relationships :3 sa kanila naman di pde iba iba ang lahi~

the cat also told her "meron naman iba dyan, meh macho, mayaman at matalino" ;p di nakpatinag ang ating bunneh! :D instead, ginulpi nya mga kapwa nya bunny. nasa utak ng bunny na un pusa lang ang labs nya at wala ng iba ahohohoh ;p maybe she saw something different or special about the cat that she didnt saw in some other bunnies. after all the bunny's hardworks para sa pusa, the cat finally gave up. he realized that wala naman mawawala if he would try to have relationship with the cute bunny. in the end, the cat didnt notice that hes already falling for the bunny :D :D

sa part two "cake dance", sila na nun bunny at birthday na nun bunny~ basta maganda lahat un :3 and also its background music :D hanggang part five un~ if you wanna watch this, you can check it out here.