yesterday mee and chii had a little talk. i promised to him that i will no longer look at other ladies and germs~ and he promised that he will never make selos na to my friends ;p isnt that great?

but theres something that is getting in my nerves.. i dunno when and how will i manage my time for love and career. what is happening to me right now is a huge distraction for my career! masyadong nadadala ng feelings ko un dapat na focus ko. what now? break up again? hell no! wak nalang muna siguro :3 to think that were getting stronger every now and then~ that would just hurt.. and it wouldnt be easy for me as well as chii :3 hello! were almost a year and a half so theres no reason for me to say goodbye~ and besides, a simple stupidity of him isnt reasonable enough to end this XD

i guess having a little break would help us alot ;3 obviously ayoko pa makasawa ng maaga ;p im not one of those stupid bitches na wala pang eighteen buntis na~ they should have thought of better way to prevent it :3 kaso inuna talaga libog kesa future err.. di to basta iniwang salita! i mean it.

dont bother asking me what to do now. honestly i have no idea. everytime i remember his love, goodness and sacrifices for me (kun meron man wahahaha) i cant help but pity him wahahahah jok ;p syempre parang nakokonsensya ko pak iniwan ko nalang sya bigla~ and a little bit awa parin wahahahah

for a change, more focus on career muna tayo~ i have lotsa plans! if he really love me he can wait right? now chii, prove me that! prove meh! wahahahahahah