sora sent me a desktop wallpaper. the picture was so cute so i have to post a screenshot of my desktop with that background. umm ok not really "have to", but i digress ;p i opted to post my desktop at home since i spend most of my time there.

i am a sucker for a clean desktop so as you can see, i only keep several programs. yahoo messenger, you can usually see me here. adobe photoshop, my better half XD i got my own ps cs3 again yey! my miscellaneous folder, where i store my useless stuffs wahahahah! text files, piccis, songs etc etc. special force, i rarely play this at home. audition philippines, this is what i usually play everytime i dont have much works. limewire, this thing does not only gives MP3s. but also MPorns. stupid limewire. world of warcraft. i played this game before. but not anymore.

that is all.