sora sent me a desktop wallpaper. the picture was so cute so i have to post a screenshot of my desktop with that background. umm ok not really "have to", but i digress ;p i opted to post my desktop at home since i spend most of my time there.

i am a sucker for a clean desktop so as you can see, i only keep several programs. yahoo messenger, you can usually see me here. adobe photoshop, my better half XD i got my own ps cs3 again yey! my miscellaneous folder, where i store my useless stuffs wahahahah! text files, piccis, songs etc etc. special force, i rarely play this at home. audition philippines, this is what i usually play everytime i dont have much works. limewire, this thing does not only gives MP3s. but also MPorns. stupid limewire. world of warcraft. i played this game before. but not anymore.

that is all.


goodbye cebu! and thankyoo!

after my four day trip to cebu, im finally home! although the cebu tour was kinda bitin, okii na rin~ im too lazy to write all the details here. everything is written on my planner :3 so there! i could just say that is was a great week for me. sana next time ulit ulit ulit! ;p


welcome joshua david shaw! i want you to meet earth! you two should bond well ahohohoh ;p im hoping to see you real real real soon! be safe always ok? ily!


even before 2k8 ends, i was already wondering what will happen to me on 2k9 :3 of course, this year im turning sweet sixteen yo! and im gonna be fourth year highschool na~ halah goodbye highschool life oh no! T^T i have to be serious in life because once i reached college theres no turning back :3 i have to start building a new and better life~ more focus in school too or else i wont fulfill my dream to be a forensic scientist waaah (asa pa ko diba wahahahah)

i honestly dunno what will happen to me after ten years /hmm hopefully, successful in life kaya dapat maganda pasok ng taon na to saken cause i dont wanna waste another whole year for nothing. not anymore :3 i have lotsa plans yet im still the process on making em into reality :3 yeah we all have lotsa plans but we should also stick to one di naman pde un lahat diba. balak ko sa summer maksusummer job ako, gusto ko maktrabaho sa call center kaso fifteen lang ako :3 baka sa gas station nalang para kasing masyadong enjoy ang trabaho nila ;p sana talaga marami akong magawang connection~ ill keep myself out of away at pangaaway~ at kun manlalait man ako siguro sakin at sa mga friends ko nalang un :3

bago mangyare ang lahat ng plano ko, makuumpisa talaga to sa sarili ko :3 i have to fight stress! ill do school works and pass it on time! if my friends didnt pass anything doesnt mean i wont have to do my work too! i maybe lazy but im trying to change :3 there is difference between the two. i must meet deadlines not because i will fail but because im wanting this to happen. if not wanting it, maybe sort of procrastinating again T^T

im trying to be teh best. maybe not for you but for my family as well as for myself. at least i can prove em that i can really make changes :3 makabawi man lang sa mga katangahan na ginawa ko for teh past fifteen years :3 un pde ng sabihin "di nga siya nakapasok sa school na gusto niya pero mas nakeexcel naman siya kesa dun sa mga kasabayan niya" na kahit dun maging proud sila diba diba :3 -- soo dramatic yuck

whatever happens i will stand out with or without them. i have to survive because of sipag at tyaga and not because youre mayaman :3 im hoping for a good fortune this 2009~ bless me God! :3 and also my family :3 para naman bonggacious un vacation namin this year XD anyway, thanks!
yesterday mee and chii had a little talk. i promised to him that i will no longer look at other ladies and germs~ and he promised that he will never make selos na to my friends ;p isnt that great?

but theres something that is getting in my nerves.. i dunno when and how will i manage my time for love and career. what is happening to me right now is a huge distraction for my career! masyadong nadadala ng feelings ko un dapat na focus ko. what now? break up again? hell no! wak nalang muna siguro :3 to think that were getting stronger every now and then~ that would just hurt.. and it wouldnt be easy for me as well as chii :3 hello! were almost a year and a half so theres no reason for me to say goodbye~ and besides, a simple stupidity of him isnt reasonable enough to end this XD

i guess having a little break would help us alot ;3 obviously ayoko pa makasawa ng maaga ;p im not one of those stupid bitches na wala pang eighteen buntis na~ they should have thought of better way to prevent it :3 kaso inuna talaga libog kesa future err.. di to basta iniwang salita! i mean it.

dont bother asking me what to do now. honestly i have no idea. everytime i remember his love, goodness and sacrifices for me (kun meron man wahahaha) i cant help but pity him wahahahah jok ;p syempre parang nakokonsensya ko pak iniwan ko nalang sya bigla~ and a little bit awa parin wahahahah

for a change, more focus on career muna tayo~ i have lotsa plans! if he really love me he can wait right? now chii, prove me that! prove meh! wahahahahahah