today is december 24, 8 pm~ technically, christmas is here :3 but the weird thing is, i dont feel its spirit.

i guess its not just me. i was asked to go to the market this morning, and ive seen a scenario that is very different from what it used to be. by just seeing them, you can already tell the economic situation of the country. tsk.

a few years back, people start putting up decorations as early as september. when december arrives, plenty of people were starting to go gaga in thinking and buying of gifts. and as early as december 23, they tend to crash the supermarkets and nearby grocery stores to buy food to prepare for the noche buena. but in our time today, everything seems to be changing :3 :3 :3

but despite of economical problems in the country, im still hoping everyone would have wonderful holidays! merry christmas ladies~ and men? ;p